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Must-have Hair Products For Every Working Woman In India

By Kripa Chowdhury

Long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, frizzy hair and so many kinds of hair is what one can notice among Indian women. Though, even a decade back, mothers tried encouraging their daughters to grow the length of their hair in India, now the trend has changed.

Today's Indian women maintain their hair, depending on their work. Mostly prolonged office hours and changing climatic situation make every woman in India have some hair complaints. Either they end up in the salon expecting a three-hour treatment to do a miracle or apply almost every kitchen product possible, expecting to be Rapunzels of tomorrow.

However, the problem is that these women, despite their hectic urban life, limit their hair care products to oil and shampoo alone. Makeup stores or online beauty websites offer so many different kinds of hair care products; but the women never invest time or money to try these.

It is true that our previous generation considered oil and shampoo as their must-have hair products; but with changing times, it is highly recommended that Indian women expand their collection of hair care products such that, they are gifted with healthy hair.

Hair care for working women is important when looked at the climatic extremities and pollution their hair is exposed to. As remedy, here is a list of hair care products for Indian working women that are available in many brands. Pick from your favourite brand and see your hair behave exactly how you expect it to, very soon.


Hair Conditioner

The usual regime is a hair oil session followed by a shampoo. How about adding a conditioner after this? During hair wash, after shampoo application, conditioner boosts the health of your hair and makes it easy for you to do the hair styling later. You can pick a hair conditioner of your shampoo's brand or ask a hair expert to help.


Hair Wax

Most Indian women complain that their hair becomes a messy part by the end of the day. On starting to apply hair wax, you will see a difference here. Hair wax controls the hair, adding to its glow. A little hair wax can bring miraculous results and keep it well maintained for long hours.


Dry Hair Shampoo

The hair and your face often look dull because your hair is oily. Now, you don't have the time in hand to go for a hair wash either. Here comes the role of a dry shampoo that you can just directly apply to your hair for best looks. Dry hair shampoo is handy to carry and is extra useful, especially when you are travelling.


Hair Volumizer

One of the most common problems among Indian women is their hair fall. Blame the water or weather, the hair fall problem is growing worse day by day. Treating the hair fall problem takes time. For immediate quick good results, here comes the role of a hair volumizer. Usually available in a spray form, apply this after your shampoo session and your hair will look fluffier and well maintained. Volumizers also help to easily manage tangles and frizzy hair.


Hair Serum

Made of amino acids, silicon, and ceramide, hair serum is also among the must-have hair products for Indian working women. Directly applied on wet hair, serum helps for healthier hair growth and can be used from the hair roots to tip. If you're using a hair serum, you can miss out on the conditioner after a hair wash.


Hair Masks And Creams

In your entire hair care regime, how much time do you invest on the scalp or roots? Usually, women spend more time on the length part of the hair over their roots. This does not allow the oil or shampoo to adequately reach the roots of the hair. Hence, you should use a hair cream or mask that needs to be directly applied on the hair base, which will impact the health of the hair more. Try going for a herbal hair mask or cream for best results.


Hair Spray

Before leaving from home, when women spend so much time on hair in styling it - it, of course, looks good. But once out, the same hair becomes an unmanageable affair. Here comes the role of a hair spray that helps to keep your hair bun, plait, ponytail or open hair in place. Hair spray is one of the must-have hair care products for working women who want to look good all the time.


Hair Powder

When you apply powder to your body, why not to your hair? Hair powders are mostly used to add a good aroma to your hair. To do this, do buy a good hair powder and do not apply the talcum powder. Hair powder should be used in minimal quantity and is a must have if you are heading to any special occasion.


Hair Butter

Oiling or washing your hair does not give it enough grease that your hair needs. So, get a hair butter of your preferred flavour and apply it at regular intervals. Application of a hair butter is relaxing and can be followed by a good hair wash. Try massaging your hair with the butter for good results.


Hair Gel

It is very wrong for those who think that hair gel is meant for men alone. Women can also use a hair gel before starting with their hairdo. However, the wrong amount of hair gel can spoil your hair. So, once you buy the hair gel, trial it first and check how much you require. Later, you can increase or decrease the amount of hair gel, depending on your requirement.

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