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10 Grooming Products For Every Guy To Become Mantastic

By Kripa Chowdhury

It is true that most men are not interested in makeup or beauty, but all men want to be well groomed, presentable and acceptable, wherever they go. As kids, mums introduce their baby boys to soap, creams, oil, and shampoo, which makes them look so adorable. These are some of the best grooming tips that guys learn.

When boys grow, their urge to become mantastic boosts up and so increases their wish to be smarter and better. To do so, the first change is, of course, the man's wardrobe collection and the next, is their collection of grooming products.

As men do not end up in makeup stores or do not bother to browse beauty websites, often they don't know that so many new products are getting developed every day to cater to their needs as well. To help men get their right set of grooming products, here is a compiled list of the best grooming products for guys who are curious to know how to become mantastic.

Women can also purchase the same for their men to look and feel good from inside. All grooming products for men listed here are available in different brands. Research a little before you make your purchase. Also, constant use of these can build really well-groomed men. Take a look.


Collection Of Fragrance

The first criteria to belong to the category of mantastic products for men is having a good collection of fragrances. Men's fragrance can be bought in the form of perfume (EDT & EDP), colognes, roll-ons or deodorants. While perfume can be kept for special occasions, the remaining three that is, colognes, roll-ons or deodorants, can be used every day. After a good shower before stepping out of the house, a gentle coat of roll-on followed by cologne and deodarant - can make one really smell great. To this, when men add their strong perfumes, they are sure to steal the show.


Body Scrubs

Men also face skin problems like rashes, allergies and more. In worst cases, dermatologists come in but for the everyday care of the skin, every man should have a body scrub. During a shower, the body scrub can be used to exfoliate their skin and get cleaned thoroughly. Body scrubs for men are different than that of a woman that are specially composed for their tough skin. It is highly recommended to use a body scrub for every man to appear neat and clean.


Beard Oils And Wax

Every man is conscious about his beard and mustache. They trim it, they keep it, they shave it and do spend so much time on their beard and mustache to get the ideal look. Even a decade back, our fathers managed all their beard and mustache problems with a shaving cream, razor followed by an aftershave. Though these continue to be the basic, for mantastic men, the grooming products for beard and mustache is more, with the availability of beard oils and wax. Beard oils and wax are necessary for good texture and outlook of their beard and mustache. If trying for the first time, apply beard oils and wax in less amount and on success, men can continue using these.


The CTM Products

The beauty therapy of CTM that is, cleansing, toning and moisturizing stands true in case of both men and women. For men as their skin texture is very different, it is very important to pick the best CTM products and add them to the would be well-groomed man's everyday regimen. For cleansing, men can use face wash followed by men special toner and lastly moisturize their skin with a good men's cream. Even if a man follows a very hectic schedule or is too lazy for CTM process - this should be done for healthy skin and looks.



How much a man hates it, but even his body needs body oil, hair oil or beard oil. Which one they want to use at what point in time is on the man to decide, but having these three kinds of oils is very important when a man is in the aim to be groomed and presentable. Oils for men are available in different flavours and aroma. Men should try picking the rugged aromas in order to be well groomed and mantastic.


Shampoo, Conditioner And Hair Gel

As men aim to groom themselves into mantastic beings, it is very important that they pay equal focus on the hair. Usually, like skin, men's hair is different in texture and quality. Hence, the men hair products are different and unique with special ingredients and composition. Among hair grooming products for men shampoo, conditioner and hair gel are a must have. These ensure that the man has clean hair, in shape with good looks or style.


Shaving Foam, Gel Or Cream

Men prefer spending time and effort on their beard and mustache. At times, they simply keep growing it. For times, they just decide to remove it. While we leave it to men to take a call - but to have a good beard and mustache, it is very important that the man in his grooming kit has a shaving foam, gel or cream. They can decide the foam, gel or cream type based on their personal preference, but ensure using it at the right time for mantastic looks.


Body Talc

When it comes to self-doings usually men are lazy. For the lazy souls, body talc is a good buy. Just pour it yourself as much as you want before leaving the house and no one can understand your missing bath scenes. Men, do not end up buying ladies' body talc that usually has a floral odour. For men, there are special body talcs which are a must buy if you want to compose your own set of grooming goodies.



When it comes to the man's shaving habits, there are three kinds - shaving off, keeping it or trimming it. The trimming option is very trending, as it is fast to do and also offers good looks. Now for proper trimming, men can't use a scissor or razor. Here comes the role of a trimmer in their shaving kit, which works to add to the persona of men. Trimmer usually operates electronically and should be used with ample time and care. A wrong move of the trimmer can again make you look clean shaved.


Face Wash

Ask a man and you know it - men skip their bath. Due to their laziness or whatsoever reason, most men agree that they skipped their bath. So, even if you miss out on a bath, one handy grooming product that can get you a fresh look is a face wash. Men-special face washes have unique composition and men should stick to those, than picking up the ordinary ones.

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Story first published: Friday, June 16, 2017, 18:00 [IST]