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10 Basic Skincare To-dos To Start In Your 20s

By Kripa Chowdhury

Skincare in the 20s is important because this is the time, when from parental care one steps on to the world of independence. Coming to beauty care, over healthy methods, the colourful, cheap, easy-to-do makeup products tempt the young souls but the end result can be very bad.

But at the tender age of 20s, none thinks about the future and just applies anything or everything on the skin expecting she would look beautiful.

How about a guide for skincare in 20s, that can lay down all essentials of healthy skincare at this age to help the college goers? Parents try to come in and guide but the young ones really do not like this interference. Instead, they prefer the Internet to learn all skincare tips to follow during the 20s.

To help such beauty conscious independent 20-year olds who want to look good and gorgeous always - here are ten simple basic skincare to-dos that they can start with. These ensure a healthy hello to skin and beauty care, which can be continued later in life.


Learn About Makeup (Before You Do It)

As you head to college every day, the motive is to look best and stunning. College rules related to fashion are lenient over school and you want to make complete use of it. While it is good to deck up to college every day, but in the attempt, you should not just apply whatever possibly you get in the makeup store.

Moreover, limited pocket money won't allow you to buy named beauty products and you end up buying the cheap ones expecting to stand out from all. While at an immediate level, these cheap cosmetics can sort your purpose and make you look good but in the long run, they react on your skin resulting in massive disorders.

Thus, before buying makeup or spending money on it try learning about the same on the Internet or from any experienced aunty. These will guide you on how to start healthy skincare from the 20s and be beautiful all your life.


Play And Pick Your Beauty Products

You can use the initial stage of 20s to do a bit of experiment with your beauty products. Go to the shops or browse online - there are so many kinds of beauty products available. Try experimenting or switching brands before you settle for one. This will all expose you to the merits and demerits of different kinds of beauty products.

Also, regular contact with makeup stores or online websites will let you learn about the new products that are getting launched in the market. Another important tip that newcomers to the beauty care world often do not know is, before buying any beauty product, go through the composition and how to apply script written on its body to get a complete idea.


Be In Constant Touch With A Dermatologist

While salons and parlours can make you look prettier, finally in case of skin reactions or problems you have to go to a dermatologist. How about visiting the same dermatologist at an early age before you start going to salons or parlours?

Dermats can help you in understanding your skin type and guide you on the kind of early skincare regime you should start with. If you plan to visit a dermatologist, do ensure that you go to a good one with reference from friends. Going to not so good dermats can also be the ground reason for your skin to behave unwantedly.


Seek Mommy Help

During college days with the independence coming in hand, you might feel that mommies are really old school. But remember, it is mommies who brought you up and took care of your skin so long. So their advice is sure to be good and in reference to your skin type. So, whenever in doubt regarding any skincare concerns feel free to talk with your mom.

If moms are not so interested in makeup, you can ask any elderly woman who has interest and has spent time to learn about beauty and skincare. However, do not assume that friends are the best guide to skincare learning as they are also young and experimenting exactly like you.


Hunt Your Kitchen And Garden

When planning to start a good skincare in your 20s, do not start from the shops or online portals. Just hunt your house, specially the kitchen where there are so many natural skincare products available. Maybe you have to spend little time to process the natural ingredients before applying them on the skin, but these are guaranteed to be healthy and worth experiments. The natural skincare products that are always available at home start with ice and extend to milk, cumin powder, turmeric and so on. From the garden, you can get fresh fruits like lemons or berries and even potatoes or carrots that are good skincare agents.


Don't Cut On Food Or Sleep

Often during college days, late night chats or extra time on laptop deprives the young generation of sleep. When it comes to cost cutting for the next party, they simply skip meals. Doing either of the two - cutting on food and sleep has a hazardous effect on skincare in the 20s.

Either of the two you do less and the outcome will be on your skin over time. In skincare tips for those in their 20s, it is highly recommended that you eat healthy and less of junk along with sound sleep (6-8 hours a day) for healthy skin and face. Plan your schedule in such ways, that there is allotted time for eating and sleeping.


Put Baby step To Experimentation

Healthy skincare regime should not stop you from experimenting during your 20s. It is very normal to experiment with your nail polish, lipstick, face wash or foundation and so on. You can continue experimenting but go slow. Consider one product at a time, get its alternatives, try on your skin and decide. All of a sudden revamp in skincare regime and products surprise your skin and it definitely gives out.


Map Your CTM

CTM stands for cleansing, toning and moisturizing which is a mandatory everyday routine in order to have a good skin. This is not only for your 20s. CTM should be continued lifelong but should be correctly started during the 20s.

CTM should be done twice a day - one, when you wake up or before you move out of the house and one at night before you go to sleep. It is suggested that you should try building a CTM regime with natural products only, and some market-based products, if you are certain they are not bad.


Prioritize Your Salon Appointments

The regular salon visits start from the 20s. The purpose can be for a professional cleanup, threading, waxing, pedicure, manicure, hair colouring and so much more. Yet, at the initial days try not making salon an everyday habit. Many young women go to the salon just to add to their feel good factor.

While occasional visits are fine, regularly going to the salon can make one get extremely fond of salon makeup. In case, later they miss visiting salons at the right time they start looking pathetic. So, going to the salon at regular intervals will let both your natural beauty and professional touch ups to go hand in hand.


Be Colour Conscious

College or 20s is the time when one starts with hair colour, nail paints and makeup on a daily basis. All of these have colour infused beauty products and you need to be picky when selecting these. The colours you pick should be in accordance with your skin colour and tone. Also, the colour should go along with your wardrobe and occasion. Hence, being and learning to be colour conscious since the 20s is very important.

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