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Try These Home Remedies & Get Rid Of Tonsillitis In A Day
Itchy throat, red swelling of the tonsils accompanied by severe pain are a few of the common symptoms one can feel when one develops tonsillitis. This affects your talking and also makes it difficult for you to eat and drink as ...
Try These Home Remedies And Get Rid Of Tonsillitis In A Day

12 Best Herbs For Thick Hair
Hair fall and hair thinning are very common hair problems and usually accompany each other. Balding or thinning of hair can be a major problem because long, thick hair can make a huge difference to the overall appearance. There are several ...
This One Thing Will Treat Your Skin, Teeth & Blood Sugar
In India, the Neem tree is worshipped as a sacred tree and is highly regarded as a medicinal plant. The use of neem leaves in the treatment of skin, teeth and blood sugar disorders is noteworthy. It is either applied locally ...
This One Thing Will Treat Your Skin Teeth And Blood Sugar
How Is Neem Used On Skin For Chickenpox?
Neem leaf is used to cure chickenpox. It is one of the best remedies that can cure the pox and prevent the infection from spreading further. If you use this simple home ingredient as soon as the pox develops, it will ...
1 Ingredient That Banishes Pimples Forever
Is your face covered with acne? Have you tried multiple ways to get rid of the ugly looking zits on your face? If you have and terribly failed, then you are going to fall head over heels with this powerful and ...
One Ingredient That Banishes Pimples Forever
10 Simple & Natural Toners For Oily Skin
We often wonder how all those pretty women on the television and in the magazines have such flawless complexions. They seem to effortlessly carry on with shoots and events without a drop of sweat on their skin! But, what we may ...
Significance Of Bevu Bella For Ugadi
Ugadi is the celebration of Hindu New Year in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This is celebrated on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. As this is the New Year, according to the Hindu Calender, it is celebrated in different names in several parts of ...
Significance Of Bevu Bella For Ugadi
Amazing Home Remedies Using Neem For Skin And Hair
Neem has the amazing potential to tackle most of your skin- and hair-related issues. Neem has been an integral part of Ayurvedic medicines and is well-known for its healing and medicinal properties. [1] But many of us are unaware of the ...
How To Use Neem To Get Rid Of Dandruff
Neem can cure many health ailments both internally and externally such as diabetes, skin allergies, skin pigmentation problems, dandruff, itchy scalp, dry scalp, acne and pimples. It has the ability to cure many health-related issues, including hair, skin and scalp problems. ...
How To Use Neem To Get Rid Of Dandruff
Why Is Neem Important For Your Hair?
Neem is one of the healthiest and safest ingredients one can consume and apply on the hair. Neem is a medicinal plant which has properties that are promising to treat any problem related to the skin and hair.Using this green leaf ...
Have You Tried These Natural Toothpicks?
Toothpicks are widely used today, to get rid of the tartar and food particles that are stuck between the teeth. Though we have dental floss, there are many who still prefer to use medicinal stems or barks from trees. In olden ...
Have You Tried These Natural Toothpicks For Oral Health
6 Ways To Get Rid Of Itchy Dandruff Scalp
Dandruff....... hmmmm don't we all suffer from this painful hair problem. Experts state more than 90 percent of people suffer from different types of dandruff and for many the problem is severe. Itching is a painful sign of dandruff. When you ...
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