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This One Thing Will Treat Your Skin, Teeth & Blood Sugar

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In India, the Neem tree is worshipped as a sacred tree and is highly regarded as a medicinal plant. The use of neem leaves in the treatment of skin, teeth and blood sugar disorders is noteworthy. It is either applied locally or consumed orally. It is found in the form of neem soaps, neem tooth paste, neem juice and neem capsules.

Neem leaves are widely used in the treatment of skin disorders. It is a herb that works as a strong anti microbial and anti bacterial agent. It is very efficient in treating any kind of infection. It improves blood circulation and thus provides oxygen and nutrients to every aspect of the body. This in turn keeps the skin healthy and makes it soft and glowing.

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It is an excellent toner and also cures acne. It is excellent in lightening scars and pigmentation caused by acne and scabies. Neem leaves are also used to treat fungus that infects the skin, which includes ringworms that occur in hands and feet.


Earlier, and even today neem leaves are used to treat ailments associated with the mouth. Neems twigs were earlier used as a substitute for toothbrushes. It keeps the gums healthy and prevents the formation of dental cavities. It offers protection against toothache, decay, infections of the mouth and prevents the formation of bad odour.

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Patients suffering from diabetes can keep their blood sugar under control by consuming neem leaves. Neem leaves are very good at lowering the glucose level in the body. It is capable of enabling the pancreas in the secretion of insulin, which keeps the blood sugar under control.

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Neem leaves are being used by pharmaceutical companies, specifically, herbal manufacturers in the production of neem tablets that keep diabetes at bay. These tablets improve blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels and also reduce the need for hypo-glycaemic drugs. The best part about these tablets made from neem leaf extracts is that they have no side effects.

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Story first published: Saturday, June 4, 2016, 2:00 [IST]
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