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How To Make A Masterpiece
<p><strong>{image-29-oneness-harmony-290610.jpg living.oneindia.in}</strong>How is one to create a master piece? A beautiful Tao story reveals the truth.<br /><br />Khing was a wonderful carver who carved out exquisite pieces of furniture and statues out of rare types of wood. Often his imagination shaped ...
Tao Story Master Piece Oneness Harmony

Emotional And Spiritual Restlessness
Of the four forms of restlessness, the fourth form is emotional restlessness. Mental restlessness is different from emotional restlessness. Mental restlessness is purely intellectual and can be controlled easily. But emotional restlessness cannot be controlled by just a few words of ...
My Master's Voice
Some devotees approached Gurudev, Swami Chimayananda and said, "How is it that Swamiji is with us in an ordinary way during the day, talking and joking, and then something quite different happens on the lecture platform. What is it ...
Swamiji Lectures Surrender