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Mars Transit In Leo 2021: Effects On Different Zodiac Sign
In the Vedic astrology, Mars is considered to be a warrior planet. It represents dynamism and vitality. If placed well, the planet represents enthusiasm and youthful energy. It is also said that Mars is a passionate lover, and therefore, it infuses ...
Mars Transit In Leo

Mars Transit In Cancer 2021: Effects On Different Zodiac Signs
The planet Mars plays a significant role in Vedic Astrology. It considered being a planet of fierce and vigorous energy. The planet symbolises both constructive and destructive energy. Apart from this, the planet represents houses, vehicles, property, electronic devices and tools. ...
Mars Transit In Taurus 2021: How It Will Affect You
On 22 February 2021, Mars will be moving Taurus, which is known for structuring and organising things with proficiency. Since Mars represents willpower, courage, passion, power, determination and gut feeling one needs to make a strong foundation and strategy to handle ...
Mars Transit In Taurus How It Will Affect You
A Trip To Mars In 39 Days
Ad Astra Rocket Co. is looking forward to launch a plasma-powered rocket that could take astronauts to Mars in a little over a month’s time.The rocket named Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR) is a twin peer of the one being ...
Watch Venus And Mercury, In Twilight
The sky gazers are going be treated with the rare spectacle of Venus and Mercury forming an eye-catching pair for nearly the next two weeks, about 30 to 60 minutes after sunset. It is a rare chance in the life, as ...
Watch Venus Mars Twilight
Sample Of Martian Colony At London Museum
A meteorite from Mars, with a sample of Martian colony, has been put on display at Natural History Museum, London.According to the NASA scientists, snaps from a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) shows a bumpy surface, which resembles a fossilised colony of ...
Meteorite Martian Colony Micro Bacteria
Who Wins The Gender War?
The war between the Mars people and those from Venus is a long debated one. There is always a doubt on who wins the battle! Here's an attempt to put that record right.On the roads: A computer-based study at the University ...
Explore Mars On Your PC
Google and NASA have a treat for all the space lovers. Reportedly, the latest 'Mars Mode' will enable people to view high resolution and 3D images of the red planet on their computer. The mode allows the viewers to practically ...
Mars Nasa Google
Soon, A Fluttering Robot To Show Mars Rovers The Way
ExoFly, a robot, inspired by dragonfly, would soon be guiding planetary rovers on the bumpy surfaces of Mars. The ExoFly will first be sent out first to explore the terrain of the red planet, reports New Scientist. ...
Exofly Space Mars Fluttering Robots
Vegetables can grow on Mars
NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander's preliminary results have indicated that the soil near the North Pole of the Red Planet is surprisingly earthlike, which is ripe for growing vegetables like asparagus. Previous data from the two rovers exploring Mars's equatorial zones had ...
Just-A-Pause : Valentines Leap-froggin' Around
Valentine's gifts for a woman can also include jewelry, which is being widely and aggressively advertised by the diamond industry as the gift of choice to show that your love will last forever. In Japan and Korea, women giving men chocolate ...
Valentines Day Leap Year
Valentine's Day Celebrations In A Leap Year
Valentine's day in 2008 has a special significance falling in a Leap Year. Those who have read "Just-a-Pause – Look Before You Leap" will understand why. Here, let me enlighten the uninitiated. A leap year is supposed to give every woman ...
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