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Eating Walnuts May Help Control Appetite: Study
Munching on walnuts may help control hunger pangs, according to a study which found that the snack activates an area in the brain associated with regulating appetite. "It was pretty surprising to see evidence of activity changing in the brain related ...
Study Says Eating Walnuts May Help Control Appetite

Do You Know Why Salty Diet Reduces Thirst & Increases Hunger?
A salty diet causes people to drink less water while increasing hunger due to a higher need for energy, suggests new research. The findings, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, are based on a study carried out during a simulated ...
Why Aren't You Hungry? Reasons
Some days, you wake up hungry and start your day with a tasty breakfast. But on some days, you don't even feel like eating breakfast. And sometimes, you don't feel like eating anything throughout the day. That is a dangerous symptom. ...
Factors That Affect Your Appetite
How To Control Appetite
Though we perceive appetite as a purely bodily phenomenon, it can also be said that its both psychological as well as physical process. Are you wondering how mind plays a role? Also Read: Side Effects Of Whey Protein Well, when ...
How To Control Appetite
Surprising Symptoms Of Diabetes That You Never Knew!
Do you often worry that as you get older, you may become a victim to a number of diseases? Does the prospect of spending precious time and money on hospitals scare you? Well, the harsh fact is that as humans we ...
10 Best Superfoods To Suppress Your Appetite
Contrary to a common misconception, appetite and hunger are not the same thing. Appetite is the desire to have food, whereas, on the other hand, hunger is more of a physical need to eat food. Increase or decrease in appetite is ...
Best Superfoods To Suppress Your Appetite
Yummy Summer Brunch Ideas
Summer is the season when you don’t feel like doing anything. A sense of lethargy spread over your body and mind and relaxing in an air-conditioned room seems to be the only rescue from the scorching sun. But who are that ...
Herbal Pill To Reduce Appetite
Craving is always the enemy of a person, who wants to keep up a good health. There a herbal supplement, which can reduce the appetite, helps. A new herbal pill which helps to reduce the appetite by fifth, can even stop ...
Herbal Pill Reducing Appetite
The Insatiable Hunger Of This Five-Year-Old
Hormones can make you act insanely. Human metabolism will tell you.Recently, a five-year-old Indian girl, who is suffering from a suspected hormonal imbalance, has been found eating herself to death. Suman Khatun, from West Bengal, is so insatiably hungry that she ...
New Anti-Migraine Drugs On The Anvil
Scientists have made a major breakthrough in migraine therapy by developing new anti-migraine drugs with fewer side effects, which according to them, will soon hit the markets. These drugs would have an upper hand on existing therapies, ...
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