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Rules To Observe While Offering Water To Surya Dev
Offering water to Surya Dev is a common practice in most Hindu houses. It is said that we should offer water to Surya Dev every morning in order to get good luck. He helps in getting success and in building self-esteem ...
Rules To Observe While Offering Water To Surya Dev

Why Do We Light A Lamp During Puja?
The use of earthen lamps known as Diyas is prevalent in India from more than 5000 years ago. Hinduism considers it mandatory to light a lamp during puja. Different types of diyas are decorated according to the festivals and are available ...
Importance of A Sacred Thread And Tilak As Per Days
We often tie sacred threads around the wrist and put a tilak on our forehead. It is said that these sacred ordeals protect us from all kinds of negative energies. The Vedic Shastra mentions the immense importance related to these customs, ...
Importance Of A Sacred Thread And Tilak As Per Days
Significance Of The Bhadrapad Purnima
The full moon day of the Bhadra month according to the Hindu calendar is celebrated as Bhadrapad Purnima. The Hindus in India follow the lunar calendar. Their months are structured differently form the universal solar calendar. The Bhadra month comes in ...
Why The Month Of Shravan Is Significant?
The month of Shravan is the official beginning of the Monsoon in India. Although the rains have started about a month back, this will be the peak of the Monsoons. In Hinduism, the month of Shravan is not just associated with ...
Why The Month Of Shravan Is Significant
Spiritual Uses Of Turmeric In Hinduism
Turmeric is a spice that is widely used as a spice for cooking in Indian kitchen. It is one of the most basic Indian spices without which food cannot be cooked in Indian households. But turmeric is not just a culinary ...
Important Birth Rituals In Hinduism
The birth of child is a very important event in any Hindu family. All family members want the birth of baby to be special and an auspicious event. And the event can be made auspicious by following all the birth rituals ...
Birth Rituals Hinduism
5 Festivals Of The Holy Cow
Hindus do not eat beef for religious reasons. This is because cows are holy to Hindus. The pun or sarcastic phrase 'holy cows' has sprung from this religious belief of Hindus. According to Hindu culture, cows are holy because they are ...
Why To Perform A Shraddh Puja?
Shraddh is a puja through which the people pay homage to their ancestors through food and other rituals. One expresses their love and respect for their ancestors through this ritual. This is also known as the Pitr Paksha. According to some ...
Shraddh Hindu Ritual
Symbols Of Marriage In Hinduism
There are many symbols of marriage that signify certain important facets of Hinduism. Most of these symbols are for women. We do not know why the system of Hindu marriage does not brand men as 'married'. But the symbols that are ...
Why Do We Light Incense Sticks Before God?
Wonder why we light incense sticks during a religious ceremony? There is more than one reason to it. You must have noticed that among all the other things that you do during a religious ceremony, you have to light incense sticks ...
Light Incense Hindu Customs
The Significance Of Lumba Rakhi
Have you seen Indian women sporting rakhis dangling from their bangles on Raksha Bandhan. That is the lumba rakhi, which is a special type of rakhi meant for your sister-in-law. What Is A Lumba Rakhi? As you already know, ...
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