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Why Do We Light A Lamp During Puja?


The use of earthen lamps known as Diyas is prevalent in India from more than 5000 years ago. Hinduism considers it mandatory to light a lamp during puja. Different types of diyas are decorated according to the festivals and are available in the market at the time of festivals. While most of us follow the rituals diligently, we do not know why the ritual is practiced.

Significance of Lighting A Lamp

A lighted lamp is considered a symbol of positiveness. It removes all the negative energies prevailing in the environment and radiates just the positive waves. A positive environment helps to concentrate better by removing all forms of negative energies from the mind of the devotee. Here are some other reasons why Hindus light a lamp during puja. Read on.


It Symbolizes The Removal Of Darkness

A lamp removes darkness and brings in light in the surroundings. The darkness symbolizes ignorance, while the light symbolizes knowledge and intelligence. It means that we should remove the ignorance and move towards knowledge. Just as the lamp shines combating the darkness, similarly we should also strive to attain knowledge and defeat the darkness of ignorance. We should work hard for attaining that knowledge through which we can realize the true purpose of life.


A Lamp Can Be Lighted In Ghee Or Oil

Lamps for puja are generally lit in odd numbers. And it is considered more auspicious to light a lamp in ghee. Ghee is one of the five elements used in Panchamrit. Panchamrit refers to five nectars which consist of milk, gangajal, honey, curd and ghee. Especially, the ghee of cow's milk is considered equal to the nectar which the gods had earned by churning the water of the ocean of milk, Ksheer Sagar.


Lighting A Lamp Purifies The Environment

It is said that for the daily prayers and for getting the blessings of the gods, we should light a lamp in ghee. A lamp in oil is lighted when a tantrik puja is to be performed. It is said that the ghee of cow's milk is very beneficial and contains such components which when they come in contact with fire remove all the forms of negative energies and radiate purity in the environment.


Lighting A Lamp Pleases Goddess Lakshmi

Lighting a lamp in ghee is believed to please Goddess Lakshmi. She blesses her devotees with prosperity and success. It displeases the gods when we do not light a lamp in the house. It is said that lighting a lamp removes poverty from the house. That is why it is considered ideal to light a lamp both during sunrise and sunset.

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