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Rules To Observe While Offering Water To Surya Dev


Offering water to Surya Dev is a common practice in most Hindu houses. It is said that we should offer water to Surya Dev every morning in order to get good luck. He helps in getting success and in building self-esteem as well as reputation in society.

Rules To Observe While Offering Water To Surya Dev

Not just this, Surya worship is prescribed for good health, including good eyesight and for healthy skin as well. However, there are some rules that need to be observed while offering water to Surya Dev in order to get his blessings. Here is the list. Take a look.


Early Morning

It is said that we should get up early during the Brahma Muhurta. This time is believed to be the most auspicious because the positive energies in the body become predominant. Hence, it is good for offering prayers when we can concentrate better. After taking bath we should offer water to Surya Dev. Sometimes when it is foggy or the Sun is not visible due to weather conditions, you can still offer water at the same time, facing the east, but only when the Sun has risen, though it might not be visible.

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Copper Vessel

Sun, according to astrology, is associated with the copper metal. It is said that we should offer water to him in a copper vessel. Other vessels made of glass, steel, etc. should not be used. Moreover, there should be a separate vessel for this purpose and the one used in the kitchen for food preparation or for other purposes should not be used.


Use Both Hands Together

We should not offer water using just one hand or even the left hand. Ideally, the right hand is used for all sacred rituals. While offering water to Sun, both the hands should be raised such high so that the rays of the Sun fall on the entire body of the devotee. Some people even believe that all the nine planets are pleased when one offers water to Surya Dev. Do not forget to do three Parikramas after offering the water.


What To Add In The Water

We can add flowers, akshat (whole grains of rice) as well as a pinch of vermilion and some jaggery in the water to be offered to Surya Dev. Jaggery, vermilion, rice and red flowers are common offerings dear to Surya Dev.

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Do Not Look Directly At The Sun

While offering water, we should not look at the Sun directly, but only through the water flowing from the vessel. Since red colour is dear to Surya Dev, wearing red-coloured dresses while offering water is also considered auspicious.

Story first published: Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 11:45 [IST]
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