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12 Oral Hygiene Tips That We Ignore
Oral hygiene is the most underrated aspect of our health care. We are worried about minor headaches or putting on few extra pounds but no one values their teeth as long as they last. It is only when you develop a ...
Tips Oral Hygiene

Maintain Dental Health With These Tips
Dental health is lot more than having an attractive smile. Good oral health will contribute to your oral hygiene. Dental care is more than just brushing. Poor oral hygiene will cause infection and inflammation of gums which will affect your body ...
How To Brush With An Electric Toothbrush?
Electric toothbrushes are creating new waves in the health industry as it is onsidered to be more effective than manual toothbrushes at removing dirt or better known as plaque. However it does not matter what type of toothbrush you use. ...
How To Use Brush Electric Toothbrush
Home Remedies To Clean White Tongue
When we talk about oral hygiene, we consider teeth as an integral part of grooming. However, the tongue is also an important body organ that should be considered under oral hygiene. White coated tongue is a common oral problem of many ...
7 Foods To Fight Cavities In Your Teeth
Teeth cavities is one of commonest dental problems. There is no age limit for cavities. Anyone from small kids to mature adults can have this problem. Cavities are basically holes that get formed in the teeth. This can happen due to ...
Food Teeth Cavities
Why Do We Get Wisdom Teeth?
Many of us are blissfully unaware of these 'extra' teeth called wisdom teeth until one springs up in your jaw and ruins your peace of mind. We all know that wisdom tooth is very painful, but few know what they actually ...
4 Foods To Clean Your Teeth
Brushing for 2-4 minutes twice a day is really boring after a period of time. This regular habit to maintain oral hygiene is a must and so, you are used to brushing twice everyday! White teeth, strong gums, no mouth odour ...
Foods To Clean Teeth
Astrology Can Make Your Teeth Healthy!
  “SAY CHEESE”, “SMILE” - Your cheerful face is just a click away! The healthier your teeth are, the happier you look! Teeth for beauty too could be the real elevators. We all know that a smile goes a mile in ...
Have You Heard Of The Tooth Soaps?
Are your gums bleeding, feeling numb and getting sensitive day by day? Don't blame the way you brush or the brush, the culprit is your toothpaste. The colorful toothpaste available in stores contain a lot of chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, ...
Tooth Soap Benefits
The Top 5 Best & Natural Mouthwashes
Although there are innumerable mouthwashes available in the market, one needs to have a clearer idea as to which one is the best for oral health. If you take our advice, none of the mouthwash brands can be called the best ...
Oral Health Care & It's Importance During Pregnancy
Healthy teeth play a vital role in keeping the rest of your body hale and hearty. Similarly, good health is a primary requirement for all pregnant women. Among many health problems that occur during pregnancy, oral diseases too can cause major ...
Oral Health Care Pregnancy 010711 Aid
Home Remedies & Tips For A Good Gum Care
Gum care is always neglected while listing a beautiful shimmering smile. On an average, three out of four people over thirty-five years of age, suffer from diseased gums. Good gum care is essential for proper dental hygiene. Healthy gums are red, ...
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