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Health Risks Of E-cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes loaded with nicotine-based liquid are potentially as harmful as tobacco cigarettes when it comes to cancer-causing DNA damage, new research has found. Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are a battery-operated device that emits doses of vaporized nicotine and gives a ...
Health Risks Of E Cigarettes

This Is What Happens When You Quit Smoking Cigarettes
There was a time when cigarettes were smoked by all the cool cats in town. Not anymore. With increasing awareness about the dangerous consequences of this habit and the impact it has on your psyche and wallet, statistics show that cigarette ...
What Happens When You Quit Smoking
Warning! E-cigarettes Can Cause This Deadly Disease
Many people are of the opinion that e-cigarettes are one of the best alternative for cigarettes. Well, this might not hold true, as e-cigarettes are equally bad as smoking cigarettes. A new study has found that vaping may not only be ...
E-cigarettes May Up Heart Attack, Stroke Risk: Study
Smoking e-cigarettes with nicotine may cause arteries to stiffen and increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes later in life, a study warns. Researchers, including those from Karolinska Institute in Sweden, found that there was a significant increase in heart ...
E Cigarettes May Up Heart Attack Stroke Risk Study
E-Cigarettes Can Help Eliminate Smoking In 30 Years: Research
Smoking, which can cause several ailments including cancer, can soon become a thing of the past if quality and diversity of vaping products continue to increase, and costs continue to fall, economists have estimated."If product quality and diversity continue to increase, ...
'Cool, Fun Factor' Draws Teenagers To E-cigarettes: Study
Far from helping teenagers quit smoking, e-cigarettes may in fact initiate more youth into nicotine use as adolescents find them "cool, fun and something new" to experiment with, suggests new research."While e-cigarettes are frequently used as devices for smoking cessation in ...
Cool Fun Factor Draws Teenagers To E Cigarettes Study
Fascinating Facts About Cigarette Smoking
As we are aware, cigarette smoking is known to cause numerous types of cancers and is the single largest cause for cancer deaths. Although such is the case, cigarette sales are massive sources of revenue for some of the top governments ...
Postcard Mailings Help Smokers Kick The Butt
A new study has found that cigarette manufacturers often rely on direct mail advertisements to entice smokers to use their products but ad-mailing campaigns can also help people kick the habit.<br/><br/> Lead author Richard O"Connor, Ph.D., a cancer prevention researcher with ...
Postcard Mailing Smokers Cigarettes
Does cutting down on cigarettes lessen risks?
NEW YORK, Dec 19 (Reuters) Heavy smokers who cut down on cigarettes may actually do little to reduce their exposure to toxic tobacco compounds, a new study suggests.<br/><br/> Researchers found that a group of heavy smokers who cut down to as ...
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