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10 Lesser Known Health Benefits Of Kratom And Side Effects
Scientifically termed as Mitragyna speciosa, kratom is a tropical tree. The leaves of kratom are widely used for medicinal purposes due to its morphine-like effects for centuries. The plethora of health benefits and medicinal properties possessed by the plant, especially its ...
Health Benefits Of Kratom

10 Lesser Known Health Benefits Of Rhodiola
Known by various names such as golden root, rose root, Aaron's rod, Arctic root, king's crown etc. Rhodiola rosea belongs to the family Crassulaceae. Globally available and extremely versatile in nature, Rhodiola rosea has several stems growing from the same root, ...
11 Lesser Known Health Benefits Of Hawthorn, The Heart Herb
Scientifically termed as Crataegus monogyna, hawthorn is a thorny, flowering shrub native to Europe, North America, and northern Asia . Hawthorn berries or haws (the tiny sweet red berries) are the most widely used part of the plant. However, the leaves, ...
Hawthorn Nutrition Benefits Recipes
Did You Know These Health Benefits Of Caviar?
Caviar, which also goes by caviare, is a delicacy enjoyed globally. It is the salt-cured roe of the Acipenseridae family. Roe is a mass of small and delicate eggs of sturgeon (27 species of fish), which is extracted from stunned female ...
Dating Someone Who Has Depression
If you've been ignorant of depression all your life and are dating someone who's now battling this disorder, it's definitely going to be a little daunting for you at first. It's not going to be easy, but you've chosen to be ...
Dating Someone Who Has Depression
Miracle Herb Echinacea: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects & Recipes
Echinacea is a group of herbaceous flowering plants that belong to the daisy family. The plants are commonly termed as coneflower  are used for ornamental purposes to health and body care. The herb is exceedingly popular due to the assortment of ...
7 Ways In Which Heartbreaks Affect Your Health
Being in a relationship and breaking up is a part of life, but you will be surprised to know the ways in which your break-up affects your body! Various reasons can be responsible for your body's reactions - they can be ...
Surprising Ways Heartbreak Affects Your Health
Anxiety Disorders: Everything You Need To Know
Kendall Jenner, the 22-year-old model recently revealed her mental health issue and disclosed that she was on the verge of a mental breakdown. She had experienced full-on panic attacks due to which she was not able to attend fashion shows. Anxiety ...
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Is An Anxiety Disorder
Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is one of a type of mental illness. People having OCD have either obsessive thoughts or compulsive, repetitive behaviours. In this article, we will be discussing about the causes, symptoms and signs of obsessive compulsive disorder. You ...
How To Reduce A Panic Attack Naturally!
Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you were completely consumed by fear and anxiety? Did you feel like your chest was going to explode or like you could not breathe? If yes, then, you could have ...
Best Tips To Reduce A Panic Attack Naturally
How To Stop Night-time Anxiety
What is night-time anxiety? It is a sleep disorder that can cause stress or anxiety at night. The clinical term is insomnia, where people have trouble in falling asleep, waking too early in the morning, or difficulty staying asleep. So, how ...
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