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8 Fantastic Tips If You Are Planning To Celebrate Your Parents' 50th Anniversary

For couples, their anniversary is said to be one of the most special occasions. It becomes more special if a couple celebrates their 50th anniversary together. It tells us so much how the relationship stood the test of time. It is no doubt a milestone to spend 50 years with each other and then celebrate the 50 years of their togetherness.

For this, the couple may invite their extended family members, friends, neighbours and relatives to celebrate their special day. But sometimes, children might decide to take charge of celebrating the special day of their parents and making them feel special. So if you are planning to do the same then we have brought some amazing ideas for you to make the celebration memorable for everyone.

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1. Select A Beautiful Venue

It goes without saying that the 50th anniversary is a special day in the life of a couple. Therefore, the celebrations have to be quite special. For this, you can book a beautiful venue and take them for lunch and dinner. It will add beauty to the celebration. Calling your loved ones on this special occasion will make it a day to remember.

Be it a banquet hall or a park, no matter what venue you decide, ensure that it is spacious enough to accommodate all the guests. Also, you need to check for the facilities present at the venue so that you don't have to face the problem at the last moment.

2. Design Creative Invitation Cards

Though there are numerous kinds of invitation cards, you need to think something out of the box. It doesn't have to be something grand, you can also go with simple yet creative invitations. For this, you can use your parent's picture on the wedding card or get in touch with a graphic designer to create a beautiful image where one can be from the wedding day and placing another one from their present day.

You can also mention how beautifully they complimented each other for these 50 years. These days digital invitation cards are quite trendy and do not require the use of paper. You can also opt for these cards.

3. Relive The Marriage Rituals

What could be more surprising and special than letting your parents relive their marriage rituals? After all, this is what brought them together and they can probably still remember it moment by moment. Therefore, you can plan a ceremony where your parents revisit their wedding day by exchanging garlands, rings and speaking good things about each other. This will surely bring contentment to your parents.

4. Make A Video Of Using Old Still Photos

In order to make your parents recall their precious moments and memories, you can prepare a nice video that would contain the old memories of your parents. You can also prepare a sideshow of their old pictures and make them nostalgic. You can include their pictures from their wedding day to the present day. Also, include your and other family members' images as well.

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5. Deliver A Nice Speech

It is quite obvious that you must be extremely excited for your parents' anniversary. Then why not convey the same to your parents, relatives and other guests through a heartwarming speech. You can speak about how your parents cared and supported each other in their hardest time and never gave up. Also, you can include some funny incidents to make your speech interesting.

You can express your gratitude for having such amazing parents. You can also ask your other family members to speak a few lines about your parents.

6. Present A Heartfelt Gift

One of the most difficult things about a celebration is deciding what should be the gift. At times, you might think that your gift is lacking something or is not good when compared to others. But, you can make your gift the most special one by filling it with your emotions.

For this, you can prepare a beautiful photo collage or you can gift them holiday tickets to spend time with each other. You can also renovate their bedroom or present them with their favourite books.

7. Play Their Favourite Music

In order to surprise your parents and let them enjoy in a better way, you can play their favourite music throughout the ceremony. You can also ask them to dance together and play their favourite music in their background. This will allow them to revisit their initial days of the marriage.

8. Hire A Nice Photographer

A ceremony is incomplete without photographs. Therefore, hire a good photographer to click some candid and beautiful pictures of your parents and other people present at the ceremony. This will not only help you to capture everyone's smile and happiness but will also make you recall the celebration in the future. The photographs will remind you of the gala time that you had.

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But, no matter what you do, parents are happiest when their children are around them.

Story first published: Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 10:15 [IST]
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