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Mother's Day Gifting Ideas As Per Your Mom's Zodiac Sign - Expert Suggestions

By Sidhharrth S Kumaar

"Mother:The most beautiful word on the lips of mankind." The line aptly describe the heartthrob of every human being. We always depended on our mother for everything we wanted, for all the ups and downs of life. Mother, the great woman in the life of everyone, never expects anything, but when we need to give her, we land into great trouble.

This year, 8 May will be celebrated as Mother's Day. So why not make this Mother's Day very special for her? Give her the gift based on her zodiac sign. Gift her happiness and make her feel special. Here are gift ideas for your mother according to her zodiac sign.


Aries Moms

Aries always needs to be the centre of attraction, record the memories and cherish the moments. So, the best gift for the Aries mother could be either a cup or a set of scented candles that make them feel good and the centre of attraction. You can even gift them with a camera that may help them record the moments with their loved ones, which they can cherish throughout their lives.


Taurus Moms

Self-care or pampering oneself is the trait of the Taurus moms. So, it's a time to make your mother feel special; give her the gift that makes her feel how much you care for her. You can either gift her a foot spa or a luxurious robe or a face mask and a nail polish bottle or a hair spa or a haircare package. Gift her a salon package that she can use later on even to pamper herself.


Gemini Moms

Gemini moms are trendsetters. So, gift them something that makes them trendsetters. A feeling of creating something apart from the crowd includes a unique silk scarf or a trendy phone cover. They are fun lovers and are tech-savvy. So, a gift from your side of the latest gadgets can make her very happy.


Cancer Moms

Cancer moms are the people who generally prefer to be with their families. Family time being with their loved ones is the best time for them. Give her a set of dishes that go best with the cooking, a blanket, or some plants to decorate the garden. Apart from the gift, making the day most memorable for her is planning out a movie and dinner for her with the family.


Leo Moms

Leo moms are the one who needs the attention and wants to bring out their hidden inner qualities of dance. The best gift for them is either a dance lesson or a painting or a poetry class or a dinner outside where she is made to feel the one above the crowd. Give them a card or a mug where you acknowledge her with the words' Best mom on Earth'.


Virgo Moms

Virgo moms are brilliant and moderate. They are the ones who love to organize things and cannot tolerate the mess. They are very thoughtful, and their thoughts can be given an expression by gifting her a diary. A good bag with many compartments or a unique piece of jewellery, or a pair of sandals with a matching bag could make her feel good.


Libra Moms

Libra moms are the ones who love art and cherish beauty. So, a unique type of crockery or a flower vase can cherish their love for beauty and art. They are the ones who love luxuries. Gift her something like a soft and cosy night suit or comfortable nightwear or a beauty product that could enhance her beauty.


Scorpio Moms

Scorpio moms like to drive things in their way. They are the ones who appreciate quickness. Gift her a particular scent that sets her mood. A person who measures her home more than anything else and enjoys being comfortable at home. So, gift her a blanket or a bedcover of a unique design or a robe to make the day memorable.


Sagittarius Moms

Sagittarius moms are adventurous ones and always ready to move. Give her the gift of sunglasses or a bag that makes her adventures comfortable. Memories are the permanent companion of human beings. Gift your moms the photo album to give an expression to their adventures.


Capricorn Moms

Capricorn moms are real hard workers. A perfect gift for them is the day they can spend for themselves. Gift them earphones where they can spend a day for themselves. Style lovers and ones who love to keep things organized. Their needs can be satisfied by giving them a unique organizer or a mug or jewellery of some special material.


Aquarius Moms

Aquarius moms love unique things, and nothing makes them afraid of using and decorating their houses with the rarest items. Be on your toes and find something unique and different for her. It can be a wall hanging, a pillow cover, or special crockery. A moment of self-care for them will make them very happy.


Pisces Moms

Pisces moms are real art lovers. They are the ones who can appreciate all kinds of art. Come out of your comfort zone and find something of a unique sort of jewellery for your mom. A lover of art can even be gifted a unique art object for the decoration of the house. Take her back to nature, where she loves to go. Gift her a special scent or a scented candle that rejuvenates her.

Gift your mother your world with the best gift on Mother's Day and make the day memorable for her.