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    What Makes Women Stay In Abusive Relationships? Things To Know

    Ever wondered what makes women stay in abusive relationships? There are a lot of reasons behind them staying and not leaving.

    Abusive relationships are a harsh reality and, at times, even a woman of this generation can't get away from it. The reasons are many.

    abusive relationships

    Abuse starts from small incidents and takes the pace gradually to become the horror for women.

    Those who have had the good fortune of never being in an abusive relationship always ask: "Well, why doesn't she just leave"?

    Let's now read through the points to understand what makes a woman stay in an abusive relationship.

    1. The many kinds of fear that come into the picture

    Many women do not get out of abusive relationships due to fear. These fears make her stay grounded and continue getting abused in the relationship. These fears include fear of being alone after leaving the relationship, fear of being stalked, fear of being independent without proper economic strength to handle, fear of losing her children, etc.

    These fears make her succumb to the pain she feels. Thus, the abusive relationship continues and she never gets a chance to change the fact of being abused.

    2. Societal exposure

    Women don't want their integrity of how they are being spoiled. And in the era of 21st generation, there are people in the society that gossip about the negatives of every individual.

    And women in an abusive relationship do not want to be a prey to them. They don't want a thousand questions coming at once from the society judging them.

    They do not want people to talk about them and stay back in the relationship being abused every day.
    The stigma of society has always eaten the individuals who try to overcome the wrongs happening with them.

    It won't ever change unless the people understand the pain the person feels when judged upon.

    3. Having to worry about financial stability

    At times, women strive for financial stability and this is one major issue for them to not come out of their abusive relationship. They feel the urge of finance is important and if they leave the abusing partner, they might end up bankrupt. They do not want that to happen. One of the reasons why it is very difficult for some women to leave an abusive relationship is all of the logistical issues that come along with leaving, and the majority of these logistical details center on financial dependency. The questions that pop up mostly are about where to stay, about the food to eat, etc. If there are children, then the concerns double.

    4. Dependency on partner

    At times, women are so dependent on their partner that they cannot come out of the abusive relationship even if they want to. They suppress the idea of leaving, as they become extremely dependent on their partner. They prepare themselves to stick to the partner even after being abused. They become so much attached to their partner that leaving is impossible and, in such cases, the abuse continues and she stays back holding onto the love and dependency she has for her partner.

    5. Some think it is normal

    Some women unaware of being abused think that abuse is normal in a relationship. The form of violence and abuse are same in their minds and they don't generally differentiate between either. They believe it to be normal and that is the reason for them to stay in such a relationship.

    They think these abuses are basically the turbulence in a relationship and it is normal to have such.

    These are the 5 reasons why women do not leave their abusive relationship. It is always better to take chances; and if you feel you are in an abusive relationship, you need to let it go and guide yourself to a new tomorrow.

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