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    What Are The Reasons To Regret Marriage? Let's Find Out

    This article is for those who believe marriage is a term and nothing more.

    Often, "marriage is a match made in heaven" is what comes in the thoughts of those who persuade two individuals to get married. It is not the thinking of the one who marries though. He/she might have a million questions regarding marriage.

    regret marriage

    Marriage has been a playground ever since the term came out. I am not the one saying it. There are a million others who say the same.

    We think marriage will make two individuals be together. I have heard a lot many people talking about their pain after getting married.

    I won't deny the fact that I have also heard about people living happily ever after in a marriage. Those will be the lucky ones who wanted to get married and are happy with their decision.

    But in the context of this article, I have seen people talking about the reasons they feel they regret their marriage.

    Let's go through, in order to know in depth the reasons behind failed marriages, troubled ones, divorce and all others related to marriage.

    What Are The Reasons To Regret Marriage? Let's Find Out.

    1. You are not in love with your partner

    People marrying without love, like arranged marriages, often have this regret when their marriage fails. They regret the fact that they were never in love with their partner. Even when they tried, they couldn't love each other. That was the biggest reason for them to regret their marriage.

    It is true that arranged marriages are based out of love. Some fall in love after marriage and some don't at all, leading to the regret of never being in love with their partner.

    2. You were forced to marry against your wish

    You never wished to marry the person you married. It was against your wish and you couldn't do anything then. Now you regret the marriage. You wish to go back in time and change everything in order to let go of this regret.

    3. There is no intimacy between you and your partner

    You and your partner have hardly any intimacy. You share the same bed, the same house, the same car and everything else the same, but there is no intimacy. It is a most common regret seen in married couples. Even when they try to get back intimacy in their married life, it doesn't work out in their favour.
    Intimacy in a marriage is said to be the most important factor and when this lacks, the emotional and sexual attachment in the marriage vanishes. Sexual connection between partners needs to be replenished every now and then and that is the only way to keep the intimacy intact.

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    4. You loved someone else

    You got married but you never could love your partner. This is because there was someone else in your life and you could never forget that person. He/she was your love and that is the reason you regret the marriage you are in today.

    The love you had for that person was never replaced by your spouse. You tried everything on your end to let your spouse take the place of that person, but it never happened.

    5. Your partner cheated on you

    You couldn't stand the fact that your partner had cheated on you and that is killing you inside. This makes you regret your marriage. Cheating will always make the marriage sour. Cheating has always created troubled marriages.

    6. Your partner is not what he/she portrays

    When you first started to know your partner, he/she was different and now after you, both got married, the reality of your partner is seen and you understand that it was all faked by your partner. He/she just was never the person you thought him/her to be. This eats you inside for being no naive. Thus, the regret falls heavily on your heart creating a crater in it, making you regret your marriage.

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    7. You have zero compatibility

    You got married and now you see hardly any similarity between you and your partner. You're not being able to adjust and neither is your partner. It is being troublesome for both of you and there is nothing you haven't tried. But, the compatibility ratio is nil.

    This makes you regret the marriage, as the arguments, fights keep on increasing with higher frequency and intensity.

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    8. In-laws

    Some marriages fail due to the torturous or should I say because of the venomous in-laws. In India, the biggest regret that comes out to be the picture is in-laws. Troubled in-laws mean unhappy marriages and that says that the couple in marriage regret their decision to be together.

    In-laws are the major trouble-makers in a marriage and even when the couple is happy with each other, if there is an involvement of the in-laws in between, the happiness vanishes.

    In-laws make the marriage a happy temple only when they support the couple and not trouble them.

    These are the most common regrets that people have in their marriage. If you have one of these, it is high time you work it out to make the marriage better. Else this regret will be the cancer of your life. I hope that doesn't happen.

    If you feel the article has been helpful to you and still you want to add anything more, write to us in the comment section below. Your feedback is much appreciated.

    Story first published: Thursday, April 26, 2018, 19:30 [IST]
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