Ways In Which Men Can Break Their Marriage

By Soham

Marriage is hard and we know it is not uncommon that the people involved in the marriage destroy it. It is important to remember that the main goal of marriage should be peace and happiness.

If life is stressful, then work on changing your perception and the way of approach towards it for the only way you can live happily is when you give happiness and get the same in return. It applies to marriages also.

ways in which men can break their marriage

Below in the article, you will find the various ways men destroy the sanctity of the marriage, leading to its break.

Read to know the behaviours of men that break a marriage.

Ways In Which Men Can Break Their Marriage

1. No Reliability

Marriage is a bond between two and if one of the two fails to live up to the marriage, there is a break in it. Men often stop becoming reliable and available to their partner and that is how marriages go down the hill and break. When your spouse needs you and you aren't available, you become unreliable.
Reliability is the base key for the marriage to be a success. It is very important to be a reliable and caring person.

2. Leaving Your Partner Alone

It is not a justified action that men do by leaving their spouses back home and hardly attend to them. This makes the spouse feel abandoned and isolated and thus she starts to feel neglected. This is another way men tend to break their marriage.

3. Hardly Being Intimate

Intimacy is important in a marriage. If there is no intimacy, the marriage falls down the cliff. As a couple, you and your partner need to be engaging yourself in more with each other. Depriving your spouse of intimacy is a way to destroy the marriage. Men need to feel independent and they should remember their partner needs an emotional attachment with them. If you don't provide the emotional attachment to your partner, there is no reason for the spouse to be waiting for you. Thus, the marriage gets destroyed.

4. Underestimating Your Spouse And Her Struggles

Most men always ignore their wives when they need their husbands the most. You stop listening to your partner's problem and her struggles.
Women are basically a circuit of connection where everything that happens is connected to emotion and brain. They need an outflow. They often tend to talk to their husbands but when they don't give the time and patience they ask, then the marriage starts degrading till a point it becomes clear that it is breaking finally.

5. Men Stop Showing Affection

When men stop showing their affection and love to their wives, men tend to destroy the sacred love between the two of them and this leads to the death of the marriage. Nothing can hurt a woman's self-respect more than your random gazes at young beautiful girls passing you by when they are with you. Many men decide not to wear wedding rings and this decision really disappoints their wives.

6. Not Being Active In Giving Appreciation

Show that you appreciate your spouse and the work she does. Give her certain gifts just to let her know that you appreciate the things she does.
If you fail to do so, remember your marriage will fall into pieces right before your eyes and all the fault will be yours.
Present her small token of love and appreciation every now and then, else your marriage would be destroyed.

7. Neglecting The Sex Life

This is the most important reason for which marriages fall apart and this is mostly because men after a certain period of time fail to have quality sex with their wives. This leads to the killing of marriage. Although you get physical, it's important to maintain an emotional connection. That is why, practice foreplay, look for new ways to get excited, experiment to figure out what works better for each of you.

These are the seven ways in which men break their marriage.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 20:30 [IST]
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