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    Things That Wives Do That Destroys Their Marriage

    A woman can make or break a house. In marriages, we see a lot of trouble coming our way if there is no stability. At times, the instability is caused by men and, at times, by women.

    When it comes to women, there are certain basic factors about them that can destroy the marriage. A wife should be cautious about the way she handles her marriage.

    things that wives do that destroys their marriage

    The certain signs that showcase a wife can destroy a marriage have been listed in this article.

    Wives are equally responsible for the fall down of a marriage as a husband is.

    This article is based on wrongs that are done by a woman, which can even destroy a marriage.

    Let's get deeper into the things that wives do that destroys their marriage.

    1. Unrealistic Expectations

    There are two kinds of expectations that wives have from their marriage. The first being the logical and realistic one, while the second being the absurd and unrealistic one.

    The latter destroys the relationship in a go. Seeking fulfillment from one person, and projecting your unhappiness onto him when he doesn't measure up will quickly destroy your marriage. If he doesn't keep up with your expectation, discuss it with him and examine the reality. You will be happy if you fit your expectations to the pockets you have. Judge the reality and have an expectation based on that.

    If you expect your partner to keep you happy, you are being naive and unrealistic. Only you can make yourself and in the process, feel happier. If you expect your husband to complete you and bring you eternal happiness, not only are you setting him up for failure, but you are also setting yourself up for disappointment. Do not follow the path of unrealistic expectation, where you know the end result will always be devastating.

    2. Being Sarcastic And Portraying Negative Gestures And Expressions

    Having an appetite for humour and sarcasm is good, but knowingly being sarcastic all the time just to make your partner feel inferior will destroy the marriage. This is a quick and easy way to show your husband that you don't respect him or his opinion. Men can become overwhelmed by the barrage of criticism coming at them. They shut themselves from their wives for this reason. They seek for extra-marital affairs for this particular reason. When you are critical or sarcastic with your husband, he feels devalued and his respect is shaken.

    Another way to show disrespect is to roll your eyes or make sarcastic facial expressions. Facial expressions depicting disgust don't work in favour of husbands. They feel if there is something wrong, then discuss it rather than being rude, even if you've been married forever. In a marriage, you try to build a bond and not destroy it. The simplest way you can resolve the issue is by talking and discussing where it went and then make it all right back again. Wives like to be the center of attraction, for which they make it a big issue out of everything that can be resolved easily.

    3. Not Being Intimate With Husbands

    At times, wives do not engage in any intimacy with their husbands and that creates a disturbance. The required sexual tension is missed by the husband.

    This causes rifts in a marriage and often leads to the marriage falling off the cliff. Men need physical release through sexual intimacy. It is his need and you don't give it to him. This causes the rifts.

    When you don't give your husband what he needs, it shows that you got no respect for his needs and this becomes way too personal for him. As much as you need an emotional release, he needs a physical release and that is how the world makes sense to him.

    4. Not Being Happy With Your Husband

    When you portray that you are not at all happy with your husband, it shows that the marriage is broken already and it is time for you and your partner to end it. Blaming your husband at each and everything makes him lose interest in trying to save the home you both had built. All your unhappy reasons, you push it on him. This ends the marriage.

    These 4 are the main causes brought down by women to destroy their marriage.

    If you have any of the other characteristics, then you should change it before it is too late.

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