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Things To Remember, To Boost Your Sex Life With Your Partner

By A Mixed Nerve

Sex, being the ultimate pleasure and desire a soul craves for, is the natural form of flesh connecting with another, in deep sensual ways.

Most of them exaggerate sex in their mind and this becomes a reason for them having a bad sex life.

Sex is a form of pleasure that involves two humans. In order to have the soul-engaging pleasure, one must know of certain facts. These facts not only talk about how sex should be, but it also talks about boosting your sex life.

In this article, we are heading on to the part where you should know certain things that matter in order to boost your sex life. These, things to remember, will help you and your partner to add that boost you normally forget.

Remember, sex is all about the affinity for the partner and portraying the same through an action. If you can show your partner what you got and what extra you can give, the sex life is bound to be a soul-soothing bonding.

Here are the ways to boost your sex life, which you've always craved for.

1. Massage Your Partner

Planning on having sex? How about initiating it with a deeply relaxing massage? Giving your partner a massage before initiating sex helps in generating the sexual energy. It ignites the fire of craving for sex.

But when one gives a massage after sex, it feels like the tissues are calming down inside the body and the head is swaying like a pendulum. The innate feeling of being the soul is found when one gives a massage after sex.

Think about it? It boosts the sex life. The partner craves for the post-sex massage more than the one to initiate sex. Giving massage after sex releases Serotonin and Opioids. And these chemicals in your help in getting an intensive relaxation feeling.

Massage after sex gives the couple a whole new level of boost in having sex the next time.

2. Be Vocal While Engaging

Even if you consider yourself to be mum in bed, keeping quiet while having sex means you are missing out on an opportunity to build the bond with your partner.

Tell your partner what feels good and what doesn't, while having sex, and if you feel you are a little more open about your feelings, vocalize the pleasure you are experiencing and let your partner know.

It boosts the sex life and in a wilder version.

3. Breathe Deeply In Sync

Breathing deeply in sync with your partner communicates pleasure and doing so during sex with your partner can help heighten the arousal level of your partner. The flow of air and the sensational sound boosts the sex life.

Breathing is a sensual attraction, as it captures the connection of another soul.

4. Read Your Partner A Book After Sex

Reading out passages from a book to your partner after sex is a way to boost your sex life. More and more couples find it appealing to read a book post sex, as it makes them crave for it.

5. Bath Together

Post sex, if you are heading to the shower, take your partner along. It boosts and supplies chain of connection for sex life. It is a higher form of intimacy and this helps in boosting the sex life in a very intimate form.

6. Having Rounds Of Sex

One round of sex is never done when you are planning on boosting your sex life with your partner.

It is not enough.

Having another round after the first is a good way to go. It shows the potential for you and it also projects the partner at how much you enjoy having sex. It will make your partner feel much better about being with you and enjoying the pleasure. This is a sure-shot boost in your sex life.

These 6 pointers are the perfect ways that you need to remember in order to have a proper sex life, boosting it with each sweat and desire.

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