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    Secret Relationships Work In Favour Of The Ones Involved; Yes Or No?

    Secret relationships happen for many reasons. But do secret relationships work in favour of the ones involved? Some have advantages, like creating a unique bond when the love is forbidden of its rights and the rest face the reality of struggling to be successful and be stress-free. Constantly hiding your secret love, kind of gets exhausting and in the end, you start to wonder if it is really worth the trouble. You get second thoughts in mind and you cannot do anything about it.

    Secret relationships often don't work out. If they do they are bound to be successful.

    secret relationships

    Why Do People Have Secret relationships?

    1. They Are Getting Divorced

    People at times keep a relationship secret just to avoid extra trouble. When one is fighting a divorce battle, he/she likely keep a new relationship, a secret. They hide it to be on the safer side. Sometimes a relationship happens way too soon after a breakup, and most of us think it to be a rebound. It can also be the right person for you. You have to learn from your past mistakes, move ahead with time to know another person thoroughly and not make the same mistakes that you made earlier. This is the only way you can make your secret relationship work in favour of you.

    2. Dating Your Friend's Ex

    You have started dating your friend's ex-partner. You have no guts to tell your friend and now you have kept this relationship a secret from your friend and from others as well. These kinds of relationship hardly last. The guilt in you kills the relationship mostly. This happens a lot, and many couples agree to keep things a secret. They do so in order to avoid a clash with the friends in their circle and to keep things subtle. So if you are the one dating your friend's ex and have kept it hidden, be careful about your friendship. You have to tread carefully here.

    These kinds of relationship mostly don't work out and at the end.

    3. Keeping The Relationship Away from Parents

    You don't want your parents to know that you are in a relationship. This makes you hide your relationship from them. We all know how parents react if the partner we choose doesn't fit their standards. This brings stress and makes us think about keeping the relationship hidden.
    These types of secret relationships often work on the favour of the lovers.

    4. Someone Else Is Also In The Picture

    In situations where one partner is either married or is already in a relationship or doesn't want commitment at that particular moment, people try to keep the relationship hidden. If they reveal the relationship, it might cause bigger problems in their marriage, or will simply take away other dating options if one of the partners is not looking to commit.
    These types of relationship never work in the favour of the couple.

    5. Religious Pressure

    One of the most common reasons for couples to keep their relationship secret is religion. People are so biased about religion that it brings fear for a couple, hailing from two different religious sects. Religious pressure has been a lot of issue in every couple belonging to two different religious practice.
    These relationships work out on the favour of the couple if death properly. By tackling challenges together a couple can grow closer together and let these religious pressure.

    These are the 5 reasons that make a couple keep a secret relationship. There are lots of reasons to keep a relationship secret, but not all are created equally. If you find yourself in a secret relationship, the first important thing to do is to ask yourself if you are really happy about it or not. The second thing to figure out is if you feel like you are compromising your happiness for the other person. You need to explore your situation and think honestly about what you really want from the relationship you are in and that may help you discover if a secret relationship is right for you.

    If you liked reading the article and it was helpful to you, please do share your thoughts below in the comment section.


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    Story first published: Thursday, July 19, 2018, 9:30 [IST]
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