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    Questions Every Normal Woman In A Relationship Asks

    Relationships are an integral part of a woman's life. When these relationships change or worsen over time, women start to worry. Questions come into their minds. These questions normally make them worry about a lot of things.

    Questions every normal woman in a relationship asks has been very partner-oriented. Due to relationships, dating, marriage and love, it is a normal thing to have worries, doubts, and fears. We being women try to be more in tune with our own emotions, and we are also very keen to observe and notice more changes in the relationship than our partners do.

    questions every normal woman

    This suggests that we are the ones who seem to have more worries about the relationship than our partner does. These worries might be big or small but it is still a worry and it feels heavy in our mind and it consumes us as we get lost in our head thinking about it.

    To be honest, here, I agree these are normal but the constant capture of questions that ponder in our mind are the ones that make us worry more about our relationships with our partners. Most women take consolation in knowing that their worries are usual and also many more have these questions in their mind as well.

    What are these questions that ponder in our mind?

    These questions are about our partners and the way our relationship works with them. These questions eat us up if we don't ask them out and these are the questions that bring a lot of disturbance in the relationships if not asked at the right time.

    Here are the questions that every normal woman in a relationship has.

    1. What Is The Reason For His Ignorance?

    If you feel your partner is ignoring you, you get this question in your mind. In the era of social media, with so many mediums to follow, reaching out to your partner is easier than making a cup of coffee. But when they see the text and don't revert or don't pick up the call, questions of ignorance come to our mind. It sucks and hurts to have these questions in our mind and it is also something that happens to a lot of women.

    2. Is He Not Happy With Me?

    The second most common question in our mind is the question of being happy or unhappy. We are more prone to blaming ourselves for every unwanted circumstance and therefore, it is us who suffer the most with these questions in our mind. The thought of our partner is happy with us or not is the most common worry of us.

    3. Will He Change His Love?

    The biggest question is the insecurity of losing our partner. We constantly crib about how much we love our partner and how badly it will affect if they leave us in the mid-path of the relationship.

    4. Should I Change Myself For Him?

    Another turbulence of a question that comes into our mind is this. We think and overthink a lot and try to fit into our partner's idea of a perfect woman.

    5. Am I More Important Than His Friends?

    We try to make it subtle but eventually we do have this question in our mind where we keep asking if we are our partner's priority or the friends they have.

    6. How Will I Know What He Wants From Me?

    Every time we get into a relationship we try to find out the preference that our man has when it comes to physical intimacy. Physical intimacy is one of the most untalked topics among people but it is the most common question about our partner that we have. We tend to decipher the likes and dislikes of our partner by overthinking this question.

    These are the top 6 questions that come into our mind every time we get into a relationship.

    Story first published: Thursday, July 12, 2018, 10:32 [IST]
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