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    Most Annoying Habits Of Men That Women Hate, Being In A Relationship

    Certainly, we live in a world of varied mentality and people. But when it comes to women being annoyed by men, there are certain habits that are found by studies that women particularly hate about men, when men do it.

    In every relationship, women find few habits of their men to be disgusting or at least annoying. In this article, I am listing the most common ones that women feel annoyed about.

    annoying habits of men

    Being honest with men reading this, at times, you don't feel your habits annoy women and you keep repeating those habits when you are with them. Remember, a relationship is by both of you and if you are not making amendments to keep up with the relationship, it will certainly end.

    Let's go through the habits that women find annoying about men and they certainly hate it, guys.

    1. Playing games

    Regardless to say, this generation depends on virtuality more than reality. Women hate the fact that men after growing up still stick to the video games they used to play as a teenager and don't evolve from it. They hate it when they are around their men and keep on looking at their computer or TV screen for hours and don't give time to them.

    Have you ever thought that repeatedly playing games when your partner is around, just irritates her and she hates the fact that you have no time to look at her and keep playing with the timid video game that you own and play?

    2. Not speaking the truth about your emotions

    Women hate it when men hide their emotions from them. It just annoys them and they show it evidently to men. Men, on the other hand, do not make arrangements but keep doing the same every time. There is no change.
    Women don't take it lightly, as they feel the reason for not speaking about their inner emotion is them and no one else.
    Men don't weep and pour out their feelings openly and it is not accepted by their women.
    Women tend to get more agitated when men don't show emotions.

    3. Men judging women

    When men judge women saying they are not good drivers, it hits their self-respect and they do not take it lightly. In a relationship, men need to be careful while talking about gender-specific details to their women. It doesn't go well with women being judged upon gender.
    It just makes them angry. Do not engage in such conversations with your woman, else feel the wrath of their profound anger.

    4. Forgetfulness

    Forgetfulness is not accepted by women on a daily basis. Men have a tendency to forget and this doesn't go well with women. They hate it when it becomes a daily thing and men keep giving excuses for their forgetfulness. Forgetting birthdays, anniversary, and other important dates that mean a lot to the women, makes them angry and they can't help it. They hate it and get annoyed about the fact.

    5. Men who wear the same clothes every day

    Women prefer men who are tidy and don't prefer wearing the same clothes each and every day. Women hate it when men don't abide by this. If you are in a relationship, you might have heard a thousand times from your lady to take a shower and wear a new pair of jeans.

    6. Men talking randomly about their ex

    Don't talk about your ex in front your lady. Women hate the fact that your ex still is on your mind and you are talking about her. This annoys them and they can't get past it. Do not speak about your ex in front of your women. Refrain from doing so. The only way you can keep your woman happy is by not speaking about your past unless she asks you something from back then.

    These 6 are the most common annoying habits of men in a relationship. So, try to change it, guys.

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