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Mistakes A Couple Make In The Relationship Regarding Finances

Relationships have been built on the verge of love. But other than love there are certainly other things that matter in the relationship. One such parameter is the couple's finances. Do you think a couple's finances should be together or separate? What are the mistakes a couple make in the relationship regarding finances? These questions have been there in every couple's mind when they get into a relationship.

The idea of sharing finances or not is confined to the couple itself. None other than the couple have the right to decide on it. But the thing we can do is understand what would happen if we keep the finances together and what would happen if we keep the finances separate.

Money has been one of the most important decisions for a couple to make. It helps in building a relationship and also can be the cause for the destruction of a relationship. It depends on the couple how they handle finances.

Let's talk about the certain mistakes that couple make regarding finances.

Mistakes That Couple Make regarding Finances

1. Couples Keep Their Account Separate

Some couples think the best way to avoid financial arguments is to keep separate bank accounts. The paycheck comes to the respective account of the couple and has no confusion. They pay the bills separately and plan accordingly. This is wrong. It doesn't help but creates the ground for financial problem.

2. Disagreement About Lifestyle

Many times a couple end of fighting for money because of the way their lifestyle is. Let's just say you only go shopping when you are in need of updating your collection, but your spouse loves to buy branded items and at full price. This will create a financial issue as well as create a rift between you and your partner. If you have an income that doesn't justify your requirement for expensive tastes, then you and your partner will fall into financial trouble.

3. Different Personality and Ideologies

Couples having a different personality and ideologies fall into the section of financial problems. Every person has a different personality, and mostly opposites tend to attract. Here the chances are, one of you loves working the numbers or is a nerd and the other one would rather not be tied down by what the numbers shower is a free spirit. One of you will be the one who saves money and the other will be the one who spends.

While this might cause some marital problems, it is not necessarily the real issue. The source of the problem is whenever one of you neglects to hear the other's input over small financial problems. Disturbances also happen when one doesn't deal with the financial issues and the other constantly crib about it.

4. Salary Differences Brings Distance

When you and your partner share a difference in your remuneration, you let that gap of money come between the two of you. Jealousy and the attitude of going green come into the picture. These gaps are the ones that bring differences in the mind and creates a void in the relationship.

5. Financial Unfaithfulness

If you are cheating your partner with finances, it brings a lot of stress. Being unfaithful to your partner doesn't necessarily mean that you are having an affair. Sometimes it is when you are unfaithful to having a shared financial vision. It happens when you open a side bank account or start to stash your cash somewhere else. That is cheating and deceitful. An instance to give a better view is when you have a credit card and your partner has no idea about it.

6. Expectation Ruins Them

This is one of the main dividers between couples and finances. It is when they have not met expectations. The easiest way to feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied with your partner and the shared financial goals is when one of you start to expect things to go on a certain path, but it doesn't.

If you have always thought of having a house immediately after getting married, you might feel let down when you celebrate your first anniversary in the rented house. Don't let your expectations pave the way for problems in your relationship.

These are the 6 reasons that say about couples and their money issues and the mistakes they make in the relationship.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 15:30 [IST]
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