Men Say “I Love You” Without Even Uttering A Word. How?

By A Mixed Nerve

Love is a boon and we all know it is true. But the way of expressing love differs from person to person. Some show love with actions, some with words, some with art, and some just don't show it even though they love you.

Men, in general, reciprocate love with open arms. But then there are men who don't utter a word but say I love you in the most meaningful and silent ways. Has your boyfriend or your husband ever done anything of that sort? Well, even if he did, you might not know. So, how do you figure out when your man is saying "I Love You" without speaking.

uttering a word

There are many ways to find out but the best are the visuals. Let's see the visualization in words where your man never fails to say the three magical words.

Ways In Which Men Express I Love You:

1. Gives You The Leash Of His Life

When your man gives you the leash of his, the ways to hold him even when he is far, he is saying it loud to you, "I love you and you have every right on me". You get to decide the clothes he wears and he is totally cool with it. Men mostly don't like giving the reins to anyone of their life but when he is giving it to you, be sure he is saying "I Love You".

2. Fills The Gaps Within

There are minute gaps in each one's life and when he sees the gaps you have and fills it without you knowing anything about it, you know he is silently filling the gaps with the magical words.

There are circumstances when you are in need of money but you are too busy to head to an ATM and it is in this time of need, he comes as a rescue to you and gives you the money as he knows you will be needing it.

He respects the independent nature of yours and he doesn't even cross the boundary by telling you. These are moments he replaces voices proclaiming the love with actions showcasing the love he shows.

3. Stays Connected

There are times he shows love by just texting you. He doesn't say "I Love You" but just makes it a subtle behaviour for you to acknowledge. He will text you often in order to understand your state, where you are and if everything is alright or not. He texts not to be a spy but as a concerned lover just to be sure when he is away you are safe and sound. This is an art of expressing your feelings without uttering a word.

4. You Do All The Vacations Together

He is not the one to leave you behind. He takes you wherever he goes. That is the love he shows. He enjoys spending time with you and vacation is the best excuse for him. He will make it certain that you and he are having the time of your life and nothing is harming you in any way.

His art of saying those magical words are his subtle speechless actions that make you wonder how loved you are!

5. Wraps You Up When You Fall Asleep

He is the one to wrap you up when you are fast asleep. He is the one to put the blanket on you. He knows you need it. When you go off to sleep without putting the blanket on and when the light is switched on and you have already slept, he is the one to cover you up with a blanket and switches off the light as well. He at times gives you a kiss on your forehead just to adore the cuteness you offer while you sleep.

6. He Gives You Gifts

He makes it a habit to give you gifts, doesn't matter small or big. But he certainly does give you a diamond when he is happy and in love. Not always though!

But his acts are the ones that tell us the feelings he puts on the table for you to see. These are minute acts of love that he cannot just hide but shows it too often.
His acts of giving love are the acts of telling "I Love You".

These are certain small ways in which he offers his gratitude and says it loud, the love he has. All you need is to acknowledge and know it.

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