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Marriage Problems: 5 Signs You Are The Troublemaker In The Marriage

Having A Troubled Marriage? Searching for answers and waiting for things to become normal? It's time to look inside you and find out if you are being one of the factors of the troubled marriage. Are you the troublemaker of your marriage? Let's find out.

In a marriage, it is difficult to find out if you are being the number one reason for the disputes happening in your married life. It is so easier to blame your spouse and walk away without any guilt than it is to say you are the one who created the mess. When things start to go rogue in a marriage, it is easy to place the blame squarely on your spouse's shoulders. But the turning point is, you are also the troublemaker.

There are signs that prove you may be the one creating or starting the problems in your married life.

Signs You Are The Troublemaker In The Marriage

1. "No" is your favourite answer

Are you the one saying "NO" to each and everything your partner asks you to do? Is no your go-to word?

Saying no in every situation puts your marriage in jeopardy. Every marriage works on the principle of "give and take" or proto-cooperative relation. If your answer is no by default, whatever might be the circumstances, you are the troublemaker here.

If your partner is asking you for something, at least be courteous and acknowledge the question with positivity.

There is no wrong in it. Saying no, every now and then, will just make your partner feel you are not going to give a dime, thinking about the marriage.

2. You keep secrets

You don't offer transparency in your marriage. The second step of creating problems in the wedlock is this. A lot of marriages have failed for this particular reason. When a partner starts hiding things, the S.O. starts feeling insecure. If you're not being open and keep things to yourself, you are the problem here.

Inhibit yourself from being secretive and express yourself and your secrets. It is the way to not be a troublemaker in this scenario.

3. You never apologise

When was the last time you apologised for your mistake?

One of the main trouble-making parts of a marriage is when you don't acknowledge your own mistakes and keep them away from yourself. You need to embrace your mistakes and feel sorry and never repeat again. The key to successful marriage is being able to admit when you have been wronged somewhere. If you don't know how to take responsibility for your actions, you can be sure your marriage will fail. You need to consider this and be apologetic when you are at wrong.

4. Dramatic impressions for fun

If you are the one initiating melodramatic characteristics in your relationship, then you better let it go. It will create havoc in your relationship and not burn the passion of love in between you too.

Do not create dramas in the relationship. It never works out.

5. Anger issues

Stop and think if you are being aggressive, annoyed, angry and always in the rage. These are troublemakers for marriage and it kills the vibe between the partners. For that matter, passive aggression is also bad.

These are highly flammable feelings and cause a lot of damage to the marriage. Strictly avoid such circumstances. Be calm when you argue or have a discussion. Talking out things is always good. No one has ever benefitted by anger.

You need to control your anger issues if you have one and if it comes out in your marriage.

Anger issues are the killer shark in the sea of marriage.

So, these above 5 signs are the main problem creators or the troublemakers in the marriage. You need to avoid these in every circumstance.

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