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How To Know Your Relationship Is Toxic? Questions You Need To Ask

Do you feel like you are pressurized in your relationship? Do you feel the urge of breaking the habit and not being numb about the situation? In the end, does this relationship give you the satisfaction that you seek?

Well, for starters, getting into a relationship is a beautiful feeling. And when you are certain that the relationship is going good, it gives a tremendous amount of happiness that spreads as a happy drug into your system of love and becomes an outstanding sensation.


But what happens when you feel enclosed by the walls of the relationship?

You start feeling sad and that creeps you from the inside.

Wondering about the ways you can find out if the relationship is falling apart and your partner is toxic to you?

I have curated a list of questions you need to ask yourself in order to know the same for sure.

These questions will guide you in coming up with a conclusion.

But I have a gentle reminder before you start moving further with the article. After you have read the article, think about the ways in which you can turn the table in favour of you and start modifying the relationship to good and discuss the issues with your partner.

If the toxicity still persists, then death has whispered a lullaby to the relationship and you need to let go of this bonding. The relationship will certainly fall apart.


How To Know Your Relationship Is Toxic?

1. Am I good enough?

You have started doubting your own integrity and righteousness and your own character because your partner has made you feel that you are not good enough and that you need to change yourself. If they make you think, you are not good enough most of the time and that you should be happy that they are with you, then you must make an end to the relationship.

Remember, you are enough and will always be. It is just the person's perception towards how he/she feels about you. If your love wasn't enough for them, then it is better to move on.

2. Does the relationship benefit me?

If the relationship is not mutually beneficial, then there is no point in being in a stagnant relationship. A healthy relationship always makes you and your partner grow as a whole and as an individual.

If this is not happening, then you better not be in the relationship. Let it go. You were not ready for any of it at all.

3. Why should I be the only one to sacrifice?

If you are constantly asking yourself this question, then you need to think that there is a lot at stake for you. You need to cut loose this relationship, in order help yourself have a better tomorrow. Your partner doesn't sacrifice or compromise any part of his/her life for this relationship. It is only you. This is a sign of toxicity in the relationship, making it look like a single-side investment and not dual.

There is no hope in such a relationship. There is only pain for the amount of sacrifice you do, whereas you see your partner not even sacrificing anything for the relationship.

4. Am I respected in the relationship?

This is a big question to ask yourself. If you feel you are not respected and you conclude seeing all the possible options, you need to let go of this relationship. It is toxic and harmful to yourself.

Respect is the basic necessity of any human being and if you are not provided with the same from your S.O., then there is no need to stay in such a relationship.

5. Am I being controlled by my partner?

If you feel like you're being controlled or under a leash in the relationship and feel that your partner is the one who keeps you in control, then you should let go of the relationship. At times to show superiority, your partner tries to overpower you in order to keep you submissive. If this persists on a regular basis, it is an act of violence and it will just get you into depression. It is not love that you feel. It isn't love at all.

Learn to walk away from such relationship. Do not wait for any right time, as there is none. Each moment you contemplate on this, you are killing your own happiness at that very moment.

These are the questions you need to ask yourself, in order to know if your partner is toxic or not and whether you should let go of your partner and the relationship. Being in a toxic relationship is worse than being alone. You don't get the mental peace that you seek in a relationship and thus there is no reason to be in such a relationship, which just makes you feel sad and depressed.

Learn to love yourself more than anything else and you will certainly lead a better life and find a better partner then.

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