How To Know You Are In A Troubled Marriage?

Are you worrying about your married life? Does tension boil up in your mind when it comes to marriage-related issues? Let's see the probable reasons that can make you feel troubled in your marriage.

Marriages are the bonds of the strongest feelings connecting two souls and binding them into one pact, that is togetherness.

How to know you are in a troubled marriage

But there are times when there are possible reasons that make it hard to be in the relationship and that is when you feel your pact of being together is in trouble and all you do is stress upon it and try working it out for a better tomorrow.

Sometimes, you just can't take it anymore when it gets too heated up.

The furnace of marriage blasts when these troubles act as a catalyst for negative energy in the marriage.

In order to help you know these signs earlier in the case and to help you better the marriage, I have the list of potential reasons that cause troubles in the marriage. And this article is for you to understand these problems and start working on it, in order to save your marriage and avoid your marriage from being sabotaged.

How To Know You Are In A Troubled Marriage?

1. You don't seem to get well with dominance

If your partner is dominating and you are always being the submissive one, then it is a reason for a troubled marriage. No humans like being dominated and it is certain that you don't want to be the submissive one also.

2. You have neither freedom nor independence

You are always under the radar of your partner and you are not allowed to do anything and that is what kills your independence. Your freedom and independence are crumbled. You have no say in whatever happens in your relationship and that is the way it is going on in your marriage. This is a sign of being in a troubled marriage, where you are allowed to talk when your partner wants, else you are just as dumb as a puppet lying in a coffin.

3. You have no right to express yourself

You are suppressed by arguments, fights and even by any other ways that your partner thinks is necessary to make you stop expressing yourself.

You do not even have right to express your pain, agony, love, happiness or for that matter, you are not allowed to shed a drop of tear from those eyes that want to speak a thousand words.
Sadly, this is the most important reason to think that you are in a troubled marriage and you need to seek help from wherever you can.

4. Your in-laws are a havoc

Many marriages fail due to the reasons none other than the in-laws.

While in-laws, many a time, turn out to be a blessing, it is also evident that in-laws are the ones that eat you from the inside and all you are is just a flesh and a skeletal structure. Your emotions are drained, pain is given, you are harassed and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

This is a big problem in India and people should start understanding it big-time now. The pain caused by troubling in-laws is one of the main reasons for troubled marriage in India mostly. It is seen worldwide as well. Take a stand for your partner when you feel your parents are a pain in the ass for your spouse. Stand for truth and for good and if not this for the pact of being together.

5. You both are not understanding each other

It happens at times when your spouse doesn't understand your sentiments and neither do you understand sentiments of your partner. The gap that is created is seen mostly as the cause of a disturbed marriage. Understanding each other is the necessity and is vital for a couple to spend the time together for this lifetime. If it doesn't happen, then you should know that your marriage is taking a wrong turn and is going towards trouble.

6. Ain't any personal space available

There is no personal space in the marriage. You both eat each other's personal space as bread and butter every day. This is a sign of a troubled marriage.

Knowing each other's boundaries and giving the gap of time to each other to rejuvenate themselves is a good way to avail personal space for each other. When you find none like this in your marriage and whatever you do is questioned by your spouse and vice versa, be certain you both are in a troubled marriage. Start working on this, in order to steer the ship of marriage away from the iceberg. You do not want a Titanic tragedy happening with you, isn't it?

7. Infidelity is cancer

Cheating is walking into no man's land and thinking that you won't be stamping on a land mine. Well, here's the funny part. It doesn't happen like that. Infidelity is cancer that brings troubles into the marriage and even when you don't want it, as cancer, infidelity gulps your marriage and there is hardly any spoils after that.

Stop if you are currently cheating your partner. If you want your marriage to be stable, don't you dare step into the no man's land.

8. Intimacy is irregular

The sexual intensity in marriage is the catalyst to keep the marriage burning with desires and fantasies.

If you are engaging yourself and your partner in regular intimacy, then be certain that the marriage is on the rocks with all kinds of happiness that it can provide you both. But if it is the opposite way around, then zero intimacy will lead to a troubled marriage.

These are the reasons behind a troubled marriage and if you feel you are sighting one of these, work it out before it is late and keep the kite of marriage flying high in the sky. Marriage is a couple's thing and works it out by being a couple who aspires to be with each other till the end of time.

I hope this article has helped you and has brought out the particulars that you need to work out in your relationship.

Marriage is a match made in heaven, worked out by the couple on earth, to not let it fall into the pit of hell's fire.

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