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    How To Continue The Relationship After Your Partner Has Cheated Upon You?

    When you are happy in a relationship but you suddenly find out about your partner cheating on you, you feel the thunder rumbling inside you. Your emotions take a toll on you and in order to have a happy relationship, you plan on letting go and forgive your partner's mistake.

    There are ways to do that and it can be very easy and, at the same time, it can be difficult if you make it hard for you to let go.

    partner has cheated

    In this article, I have listed down some very finite ways in which you can let go of this pain that you have held in your heart and forgive your partner, moving ahead in the relationship. 

    You might feel your trust is broken and it can't be revived again. But life gives chances and you probably can give one more to your partner.

    These below-listed ways are the ones by which you can revive the trust and become the same old couple that you were.

    1. Figure out the wrongs in the relationship

    In order to let the past be past and move ahead, you need to figure out what was the reason behind your partner cheating on you. What is the relationship went wrong that made him/her do the arguably wrong that he/she committed?

    Once you have figured the wrongs that have happened, you can go ahead and make the necessary changes that you need to do.
    Be open with your partner and rather than having an argument, discuss what made your partner walk to another human. The discussion will always be fruitful and give you what you want.

    2. Be understanding of your partner

    Let your partner speak the reasons of cheating and all you need to do is be accepting to the speech he/she gives. This might be hard, but if you want your relationship back, this way you could be certain of getting it.

    Do not present yourself as vulnerable then. Be open to the reasons and that is your way out to have a second chance in keeping the relationship uptight.

    3. Don't feel guilty even if they try to make you feel

    In a toxic relationship, the cheating partner always blames the other for the reasons for cheating and that is not the way it should be. Do not feel guilty. It was never your mistake.

    They might tell you about the various mistakes and would probably give you the ultimate reason that you were not good in bed and that he/she wasn't having a good sex life with you.

    They just blame you to hide in those accusation towards you. Make your partner understand that you deserve respect and not humiliation. Make him/her understand that you want to continue the relationship, only if they commit to their mistake and not pledge the guilt upon you.

    4. Forgive and move on with the relationship

    Let your partner know that you have forgiven him/her this time and that you want to keep the relationship intact. But be certain that they don't take you for granted.

    Show the superiority over here in order to keep the relationship at par.

    Forgiving is the way to go ahead and only when you forgive the mistake, you can let yourself be happy with your partner. A relationship is all about happiness and forgiving the mistake will take you there.

    5. Consult a couple therapist

    Go meet a shrink or a relationship expert who would guide you both to a new beginning. It helps when you share the problems and then you get to know, the things you need to, in order to help the relationship strive in a positive environment.

    Therapy is a good way to deal with infidelity. Try it out and you will see the results yourself.

    These are the ways that would resolve the issues of infidelity in the relationship and let the relationship have a new tomorrow after a terrific yesterday.

    Become whole with your partner by following these steps and see the way life changes to become better and you will feel happier.

    If you are satisfied with the article, then let me know about it with your feedback in the comment section below. If you want to add something or contribute to the article, write it below in the comment section as well.

    Story first published: Thursday, May 10, 2018, 18:00 [IST]
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