Is Marriage The End Of Happiness?

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Though everyone around you marry, they may keep saying that marriage kills the joy of life. Both men and women around us keep making fun of marriage especially when someone in the friend's circle is tying the knot.

They simply use lines like "Your freedom is gone" "Your life is ruined" "It is like life imprisonment" and so on. Is that true? Why is marriage seen as a bondage that kills freedom and liberty? Why can't marriage be just joy and love?

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Well, let us take a look at some reasons why people generally hate marriage and let us see how things could still work out.


Problem #1

One issue that can spoil any marriage is in-laws. Whether you are a man or a woman, if the parents of your spouse don't treat you well, you may start hating your marriage even though you like your partner.

But if partners can sit, talk and solve this issue amicably, things might be fine.


Problem #2

Financial freedom is another issue. If you had spent your money without any care all these years, after marriage, you might have to curb your spending in order to save for your family's future.

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But if both the partners sit and plan life, this problem could be solved.


Problem #3

Frequent arguments are another issue that can kill any marriage.

But if you choose a compatible partner and if both of you cultivate the habit of being silent when the other partner is angry, this problem could be rectified.


Problem #4

Yes, kids do add up to the responsibilities and some people hate marriage because of that reason.

But when you raise pets or children, you should consider the joy they give you; not the responsibility!

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Problem #5

Marriage makes you fat and unhealthy!! That is how some people complain.

Well, marriage doesn't make you fat; your lifestyle and eating habits do. So, find a way to maintain your fitness levels.

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Problem #6

Marriage curbs your freedom. No time for friends!

Well, do you need your friends by your side every day and every moment of your life? That's impossible! You can meet your friends once a month and have a nice time.


Problem #7

Marriage kills romance. Sex becomes boring!

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Well, whether you marry or not; making love to the same person could bore you sooner or later. But love never bores you. Bonding never bores you. Safety and security never bore you. So, if you love your partner, all other things fall in place and marriage can be a beautiful step in life.

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