Intelligent Wife Vs. Wise Wife

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Both intelligence and wisdom have their own roles in our lives. So, you are lucky if your wife is intelligent or wise.

But which is better? Intelligence or wisdom? We can't come to a conclusion. It all depends upon what you want from your life and what keeps you happy.

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But in this post, let us discuss how an intelligent wife is different from a wise wife. No, we can't judge who is better. It all depends upon what you want from life. Read on...


Difference #1

Imagine that you took a wrong step; or you made a bad decision. If your wife immediately jumps in and says "I know this would happen. I told you this will go wrong!", she's surely intelligent. She knows more.

But a wise woman is a bit different from an intelligent woman. She knows what would happen but she doesn't focus on pointing out your foolishness. She focuses more on cheering you up. She tries to make you realise that being smart helps in life.


Difference #2

During a crisis, if the man is not able to manage the situation, an intelligent wife takes charge and teaches how to take control.

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But a wise wife supports her husband by guiding him in the right direction and helping him take the right steps. She isn't interested in control.


Difference #3

An intelligent woman pushes you to achieve goals efficiently. She may help you grow in your career and earn more money.

But a wise woman knows that you too need a break from the endless material pursuits. She lets you enjoy your work without worrying about the results. She helps you live a happy life.


Difference #4

An intelligent woman tries to be perfect all the time; she plays her role efficiently. Your life will surely develop after she takes part in it.

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On the other hand, a wise woman focuses more on love, respect and happiness; not perfection. She allows you to be what you are and lets you create a good atmosphere filled with joy at home.


Difference #5

An intelligent woman keeps a track on others' progress and ensures that her husband progresses more, achieves more and enjoy better status in the society.

A wise wife makes the husband realise that social status isn't everything. She never puts him in the rat race. She simply ensures that there is enough money to enjoy all the luxuries of life without racing with others.


Difference #6

When the in-laws are wrong, an intelligent woman asserts herself and proves that she is strong woman who doesn't take crap.

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A wise wife doesn't waste time in fights and arguments with the in laws. She simply makes them realise that they are wrong with her actions. She will follow her heart and makes sure that her husband respects her even if she doesn't blindly obey his parents. She knows that with time, everyone will realise that she is right.


Difference #7

An intelligent woman is surely an example for others. So, she may sometimes try to change others as she believes that we need to make some impact on this world and make it a better place.

But a wise wife accepts others and doesn't see a need to change anybody at all. But gradually, others around her will realise that they need to change by simply observing her actions on a day to day basis.

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