Does Your Husband Stare At Other Women?

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Married women generally do have a complaint. Men secretly stare at other women and they do this even when they are with their partners.

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Of course, that's disgusting. And women hate this quality of men. Some women wonder why men do that even when they have a beautiful woman by their side.

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Some men argue that it is an instinctual quality. Is it really so? Can you live with that fact? Well, read on...


Fact #1

Firstly, most of the men are like that. They look at other women even when they have a beautiful woman by their side. Only a very small percentage of men are an exception to this.


Fact #2

He will gradually focus more on his wife and family. If your marriage is happy he may totally make you his center of the universe.


Fact #3

What if you argue with him when you catch him red-handed? Well, some men may simply escape saying that they haven't done anything wrong whereas some men may make a promise and break it in the absence of the partner.


Fact #4

Are such men bad? Well, some men who are addicted to womanising are unfit to live with a single partner. But if your man isn't one, then he may gradually change as he values you and your well-being.


Fact #5

What can change a man? Whether women agree with it or not; a man who sees love, care and joy in his married life cuts off the entire world and dedicates his life to only one woman. He loses interest on all other women.


Fact #6

What if your man never changes even after a couple of years? Then something is wrong with him. He either lost sight of his priorities or would still like to stray. You might need to talk with him and analyse it yourself. Relationship experts claim that a man who doesn't make his family life his first priority may not do well in marriage even if he is handsome and rich.

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