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What To Do When Your Wife Gets Cozy With Your Close Friend?

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There are certain sensitive issues that may occur in any marriage. For example, you have a close childhood friend who has the liberty to come to your house any time to have a cup of tea.

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Even after your marriage he keeps coming to your house for tea when you are busy in your office. Your wife gradually gets close to him when you are away from her.

Would you be able to digest the situation? Wouldn't your blood boil? What would you do in such a situation and how would you manage to express your feelings to both your wife and your friend?

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At the end of the day, both are important to you. Both your wife and childhood friends are important to you. How would you deal with it? What to do when your wife becomes distant? Here is a way....


Express Your Issues

Instead of boiling with jealousy, talk to your wife first. Tell her how uncomfortable you feel when she gets cozy with your close friend.


Explain The Consequences

Tell her how her closeness to your friend may spoil your marriage. Tell her that she is setting a bad example to your children.


Tell Her You Don't Suspect Her

While dealing with this sensitive issue, you must ensure that you tell your wife that you have never suspected her. Otherwise, she may feel hurt.


Give Her Another Chance

After explaining your problem, don't threaten her and don't take any action. Give her another chance.


Talk To Your Friend

Now, it's time you enlighten your friend. Tell him how his interference is spoiling your marriage. There's nothing wrong in sharing your hurt feelings.


Apologise If The Mistake Is Yours

If you feel that you have over reacted to a negligible issue, say sorry to both your wife and your friend. Sometimes, a sorry heals many relationships.


Do The Needful

If it's your mistake, realise that you shouldn't react to trivial things. And if it is their mistake, explain them about the consequences and move on.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 20, 2016, 6:59 [IST]
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