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What To Do When Your Wife Loves Her Job More

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Gone are the days when only men took their jobs seriously. Today, women are racing ahead and are carving their own places in the corporate world.

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Well, does that change anything in your personal life? Of course yes. When a woman focuses a lot on her job, she might not be able to do certain things at home. But again, it isn't wise to expect your wife to do anything after she comes home tired.

It is better to embrace the changes that occur in this world without resisting them. A century ago, most of the women were housewives who could give all their energy to the family.

But the economy of all countries developed only when women started coming out and started working. So, there is surely an advantage if a woman works (not just to a family but to an entire nation).

In fact, any man would love his wife more when she goes to the office than when she is glued to the television set at home!

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So, if you can just make yourself a bit more flexible, you will be able to let your wife enjoy her job and progress well in life. The progress of a woman is the progress of the family. The burden on a man's shoulders would be reduced a bit.

So let us discuss what to do if your wife loves her job.


Get Ready To Cook

Yes, when your wife is busy scaling heights in her profession, she might not be able to find time to do trivial things like cooking at home. In fact, if you still force her to cook, she will show the frustration on you some other time. Be a wise man and avoid such fights!


Help Her Clean The Home

If you don't voluntarily help her clean the home during weekends, sooner or later she might even force you to do that. Why wait till that point? Score well by taking up such tasks before things become a compulsion. Otherwise, hire a servant and get things done.


Vegetable Shopping

Don't be surprised if you see yourself bargaining with the vegetable vendor. Today's men treat such activities as part of life. They have digested the fact already. Now its your turn.


Offer A Massage

Whenever she comes home tired, offer her a massage. In fact, it is the smartest way to derive some pleasure. You know what? Generally, tired women give 'headache' as an excuse to avoid sex. But by offering a massage you can turn her on and enjoy what you want! Why would she give excuses when she's pampered so much?


Allow Her Sleep Peacefully

A frustrated woman can rob the peace of any man. But a peaceful woman can elevate the life of a man. Why not put in some effort to keep her peaceful?

After a steamy session, instead of directly sleeping, spend a few minutes asking her how her day was. Appreciate her efforts and inspire her a bit. Hug her tight and allow her to sleep well. Your life will be beautiful only till her peace is maintained.


Weekend Trips

Spend every weekend as if you have nothing else to do except enjoy every pleasure on this planet. Make your wife forget all the hard work she has done during the week.


On Monday Morning...

On Monday morning, after sending her to office, relax for a while. You have really done a good job. You must be very tired by now. If a headache bothers you, apply a heat pack or cold pack to your head. Feel relieved. Your wife is not at home.

Call your boss and inform that you'll come a bit late and enjoy some time listening to music. Life is beautiful when you keep your wife happy and let her do a job.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 9:51 [IST]
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