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Why Sleeping Separately Is Bad For Your Relationship

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After boredom creeps into a relationship, couples generally sleep separately. They lack the desire to sleep together or cuddle up. But relationship experts say that it would be a dangerous habit for the relationship.

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Yes, when the distance increases between two hearts, the relationship may hit a vacuum and that is how a breakup or a divorce takes birth.
When couples try to sleep together and enhance their intimacy levels, they can minimize the risk of separation, say experts.

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In fact, bedroom is a space where all disagreements should be kept aside. If you still carry all the grudges even in the bedroom, you might not be able to forgive yourself when your spouse loses interest in the marriage.

Here are some reasons why you must take this seriously.


Your Relationship May Soon Become Dry

If you get used to sleep separately, your relationship may soon lose the steam and the attraction may fade away leaving everything dry in the relationship. Even her touch might not excite you.


Intimacy Will Fade

How will the intimacy stay alive when you no longer cuddle with each other? That is the starting point of boredom.


You May Develop Desire For Someone Else

You might gradually start dreaming love-making sessions with someone in your office. Gradually, you may even sleep with a stranger when your spouse is no longer exciting you in bed. That is dangerous!


You May Start Hating Your Partner

Once you have developed attraction on someone else, you may passively start hating your spouse!


Every Small Thing Turns Into A Fight

When there is no intimacy, your frustration turns into a quarrel every now and then.


Arguments Never End

Yes, when both of you develop hatred towards each other, why would you forgive and forget?


The Bond Between Both Of You May Become Weaker

Instead of letting that happen, start sleeping together and enjoy the warmth.


Sleeping Together Strengthens The Bond

When you can enjoy the heaven in the bedroom why invite hell into your relationship? Sleep together and love more passionately.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 19, 2016, 6:12 [IST]
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