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What To Do During Your Wife’s Mood Swings

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Men think that the real manliness is about heroism, success, earning more money or a 6-pack but do you know something? Women think that a man isn't a man when he fails to deal with a woman's mood swings.

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So, the first thing you must learn before you get into a relationship is to manage mood swings. You need to be able to deal with your mood swings as well as hers to see yourself successfully in a relationship.

Water has to flow without obstruction. If you try to obstruct, it will wash you away with more force. In the same way, if you mishandle her mood swings, your relationship will go for a toss.

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So, before you read all the articles about how to perform well in bed, you must first know how to deal with a woman's mood swings. Read on...


Step #1

Be a silent spectator. There is no point in continuing an argument especially during her mood swing. She won't listen. That's not her mistake. It is her biology. If you argue, it will be your mistake. Be a man and take her intensity silently.


Step #2

Let her throw tantrums. When a storm comes, what would you do? You can't stop it or control it. So, you would just wait till the storm goes way, right? In the same way, allow her to throw tantrums for a while without trying to control her.


Step #3

Give her space. If possible, leave her for some time. By giving her space, you are doing a favour to yourself. She will regain her balance when she is allowed to think rationally for a while.


Step #4

Keep yourself busy. Get back to your work and divert yourself. Don't think anything about what has happened. Just trust nature that everything will be okay. Try to cook something for her or simply do your office work.


Step #5

When she gets back, smile. Be the first one to smile and talk after a while. Ego problems are useless in relationships. If she texts you or comes to your room to talk to you, show all your teeth and smile and act as if nothing has happened a while ago.


Step #6

Offer her a hug. If possible, offer her a free hug. Hug is a medicine for all love problems. Your hug works better than all kinds of tablets that doctors prescribed her in her life.


Step #7

Don't talk anything about the past. Don't remind her about the fight that has happened. When there is love between both of you, there is no need to settle every score by arguing and digging the past matters.


Step #8

Tell her she's the best. Don't judge or label a person as good or bad because of mood swings. It isn't possible for any human being to be in a good mood every moment for all 365 days a year. So, tell your wife that she's awesome and remind her about her great qualities.

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