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What To Consider Before Cheating Spouse?

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It happens sometimes. You suddenly see yourself getting attracted to another man though you are happily married. Though you try to keep your eyes off that charming guy, you can't help staring at him.

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Well, is it healthy to take an attraction further that too when you are happily married? To put it in a nutshell, you are playing with FIRE. Just for the sake of a small thrill, it isn't advisable to get carried away by lust or love that too when you are married.

The problem with extramarital affairs is that, they can wreck your marriage, bring you bad name, spoil your peace for years and also scar the lives of your children.

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But still, if you wish to desert your husband and pursue that charming guy who is keeping you thrilled then consider the following.


Midlife Crisis?

Putting aside the exact meaning of midlife crisis, ask yourself whether you are suddenly feeling crisis situation emotionally. Generally, one in every 5 years, women tend to look behind and analyse their lives and their achievements. When they feel that they are not really doing well, they try to take drastic steps to reach their goals. But in the area of romance, such drastic steps may not go well especially when your husband is keeping you happy.


Is It A Momentary Desire?

Of course, the boredom in your bedroom may also be a reason behind your desire for another man. But address the issue with your husband first so that you need not take such a drastic step.


Are You Taking Revenge?

If your husband is already cheating you by sleeping with his office colleague then there are other ways to deal with it. If you try to take revenge by sleeping with another man that would just complicate the issue.


Question Your Expectations

If you are getting attracted to someone else because your husband seems to be inadequate for you, then question your expectations. Are you expecting too much from your husband? Generally, men seem to feel tired after fatherhood. They tend to feel stressed up with their careers and the demands of raising children.


Ask Your Husband To Be Like That

If you like a particular quality in another man, why don't you try to ask your husband to be like that? Of course this isn't a realistic expectation but in some cases, it is possible. Try it out before ruling it out.


Is Your Husband Abusive?

By all means, staying in abusive relationships isn't healthy. But the solution is meeting an expert or a obtaining a divorce on the grounds of cruelty; so before you try to get attracted to someone and secretly enjoy a romance with him, first try to put an end to your marriage with an abusive man so that you will not carry the guilt of cheating.


Do You Crave For Variety?

Well, then it isn't healthy to crave for variety that too, after marriage. Generally, spoiling a beautiful married life just for a momentary pleasure may not be a wise thing to do. Think again.

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