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Things Your Mother-in-law Secretly Thinks

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Marriage is all about getting into an extended family, in which you both are equally accepted by each other's parents.

However, there are a few things that can make you realise that sometimes, it takes a really long time for your in-laws to understand you.

You may have differences with your in-laws the moment you step into your husband's house as a newlywed bride. But, as the time passes by, things will certainly seem to take shape, making you get used to the situation.

There are a few things that your mother-in-law thinks about you, but will never share with you. This is something that you know, but do not expect her to share with you at any given point.

Some of these can be funny points, wherein a few can even lead to ego issues. Learning about these thoughts is really important, as you can always be ready to face any situation.

Your mother-in-law may also create an opinion about you and may secretly think about a few things about you. Would you want to know what's running on in her mind?

So, find out more about these interesting thoughts a woman gets the moment she becomes a mother-in-law.


“I Know, He Is Your Husband Now..”

"But, remember, he is my son first!"


“You Are Not Confident About Yourself”

"The little comments that I make about you is taken as criticism, so I am careful with what I share with you."


“A Little Gratitude Never Hurts”

"Every year, I send gifts to you and never get even a thank you in return from your side, yet I would continue giving you gifts every year."


“I Want The Best For Us”

"I may tell you that I want you to get the best things in the world with all the happiness. I mean it too, but you need to understand that I want to be happy too."


“I Know A Little Something”

"Do not hesitate to ask me for any help or guidance. For sure, my suggestions or point of view might help you understand the things in a better way."


“When I Visit Home, It Is A Get Together Of Family”

"Do not think that I am coming over for a white-glove inspection. I am coming to spend time with my family."


“I Do Appreciate”

"When you let my son visit me on Mother's day or show your generous side accepting me as your mother, I really appreciate it. May be I do not share it with you, but I want you to understand this fact."

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Story first published: Sunday, May 8, 2016, 20:38 [IST]
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