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7 Simple Questions That Lead To Happiness In A Marriage

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If we asked you, what is the main thing that keeps your marriage going, you'd probably say, 'communication'.

Yes, communication is very, very, very important in any relationship, especially in a marriage. Communication is about listening and sharing. It is something that binds the two of you as a couple together.

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Communication is essential, but there is one aspect of communication that we don't often take into consideration though. Listed in this article are certain questions that you need to consider always.

When you communicate in a marriage, you have to ask yourself some questions and, at the same time, ask your spouse the same questions too and when you do, you will see how wonderful your marriage will seem to be.

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It is necessary to ask your partner questions, although it may seem quite silly too. This gives your relationship a deeper and stronger foundation.

Today, Boldsky has listed a few questions that you need to ask your partner without doubt. So, step up, be brave and get comfy with the one who owns your heart:


What Can I Do For You?:

When you are married, it is necessary for couples to share the work at home. By asking your wife this question, it will make the woman feel on top of the world. Ask this question to your loved one today to make them feel special and needed in the marriage.


Is This A Good Time?:

No doubt after marriage the man and woman become one, but then again, it is respectful to ask your partner if she or he is free for something that you want to get done, at your convienent space.


Will You Forgive Me?:

Men often consider themselves to be right at all times and the woman to be at fault all the time. This kind of an attitude will not make anyone happy. So, if you are at fault, apologise and ask for forgiveness, there is nothing wrong in saying you're sorry.


Can You Help Me Understand?:

Making yourself vulnerable by admitting your ignorance is the best way to learn. Asking your partner for something that you don't seem to understand is perfectly normal. No human being knows everything and neither are we perfect on this earth.


Would You Like My Feedback?:

When a couple debates on a topic, it is nice to know the feedback of what both the indivuals think. Being aware of what your partner feels about the situation is important, as you get to understand his/her sense of mind.


Do You Have A Dream?:

It is nice and it is important to be aware of your spouse's dreams and goals in life. By knowing what your loved one wants to do in life, an assurity of you being interested in the relationship will be conveyed across to them.


How Can I Make You Happier?:

This is one of the best and most essential questions that you need to ask your partner. It is a deep and very thoughtful question, which will only remind your loved one about your commitment towards the relationship.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 26, 2016, 13:00 [IST]
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