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How To Be Faithful To Your Wife

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In today's world where we have too much of exposure to all kinds of stimulation, it could be very tough to remain loyal to a single spouse. That is why adultery is on the rise.

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Also, men and women of this generation are trying to postpone marriage till a late age so that they could enjoy life without any strings when they're young. Some people choose late marriage only to settle down in their careers.

Also, technology has increased the chances of finding attractive singles everywhere on the planet. With so many temptations around, how can one be still faithful to a partner? Is it possible?

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Well, let us discuss some simple principles here.


Stop Flirting In Your Office

Flirting may gradually make you desire for the forbidden fruits. Resist your temptation to flirt with your female colleagues.


Curb Intimacy With Others

We think only sexual intimacy is infidelity but even emotional intimacy with other women could be considered as cheating. Resist the urge to go out for dinners with co-workers.


Never Stare At Other Women

Staying in a committed relationship means giving your 100% to your wife. Staring at other women's assets could mean an insult to your own commitment.


Your Wife's Orgasm Is Your Priority

Remember that your wife's orgasm is more important than yours. Instead of being selfish on bed, wait till your wife is totally satisfied. This will help you enjoy the pleasure of being loyal and faithful.


Spend More Time With Her

Spend more time and enhance the intimacy with your wife. When your bond is strong with wife, your mind seldom wavers.


Keep Your Wife Happy

If you try to keep your wife happy as if your life depended on it, your wife will do the same for you.


Share All Your Secrets

Share all your secrets with your wife. When you do so, the intimacy will increase. Also, she will love you more for trusting her so much and this will help you stay loyal.


Romance Is More Powerful Than...

Remember that romance is more powerful than sex and when you realise this, you will stop craving for other women or watching porn.

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