Why Some Men Crave For A Trophy Wife

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Well, what's a trophy wife? Well, some men who are rich would always dream to 'own' a wife who is the most beautiful and sexy too. They would like to show the wife to others as a 'trophy' and that is why this term was coined.

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Well, the life of a trophy wife might not always be happy because, sooner or later the woman might realise that she is being treated like an object by that rich old man that she has married.

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By the way, do you know what men want in a wife? They just want beauty, status and an attitude that can tolerate their nonsense. They just expect flattery and a boost to the ego. Generally, what does a man want in a wife? Love, support, care and nurture are the general qualities men look for but some men want only good looks and unquestionable loyalty from trophy wives.


They Want To Show Off

Some men has the desire to show off a beautiful wife when they go to social circles. They feel rich and powerful when they own a beautiful wife worth of showing to the public. Seldom do they realise that a wife isn't an ornament to show someone.


A Status Symbol...

Some treat a beautiful wife as a status symbol. They feel low without one and that is why they go to any extent to impress a beautiful woman into their lives.


They Want Flattery

Men who spend a bomb to impress a trophy wife expect lots of flattery from her. That gives them a high and makes them feel manly.


For The Fun

Men carefully choose a trophy wife. They crave for those who can offer fun by doing wild things often. They want someone to bring out their crazy side.


To Feel Young

Of course, when you are old and your wife is young, you tend to 'feel young' as you would like to think that she is impressed with your manliness!


She Never Says No

A woman of substance may demand and fight for her rights. But some men dream for a trophy wife who never says 'NO' even when he does objectionable things to her.


To Feel Attractive

When a young woman sits on the lap of an old unmarried man, he would obviously feel attractive. He will think that the woman has fallen for his charms and manliness though there could be other reasons for the marriage.

Well, these are just some reasons. If you know of any, please share them with us.

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Story first published: Friday, October 23, 2015, 17:07 [IST]
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