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What To Do When In Love With Best Friend?

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Falling in love with close friend is not a crime; so don't feel guilty. In fact, if the other person accepts your love, life would be more beautiful as the friendship will always remain strong.

Why Some Relationships Never Happen?

Some people treat us as just friends. In such a relationship, there would be no room for sexual attraction or love. But sometimes, things may not go as expected.

In such a case, you may start developing feelings for him or her as you start observing the person from close quarters. But you tend to resist those feelings as you are scared how the other person may react if he or she comes to know that you are looking at the relationship in a different light.

Reasons Your Money Doesnt Excite Her

What to do when in love with your best friend? How would you deal with the situation? Do you express or keep your feelings inside yourself? Is falling in love with a best friend a bad thing? Let us discuss.


Estimate Her Reaction

You know him or her since long as you have been friends, colleagues or classmates. By now, you know the kind of person he or she is and this can easily let you estimate how he or she will react if you open up about the feelings. Based on your understanding, you can take the next step.


Gather Courage

Get ready for the consequences. Gather courage to express your feelings. Instead of keeping those feelings inside, it is always good to express them whether the other person likes it or not.


Be Open

Be honest with yourself as well as the other person. Gain clarity. Are you developing love towards a casual friend? Or is it physical attraction that you have for your friend? Be clear as you are going to express it to her soon.


Vent Out Your Feelings

Meet him or her somewhere and start the conversation boldly. You always have the chance to apologise if she gets hurt or shocked about hearing what you are going to say. Keep it short and simple; express your feelings boldly! That's it!


Face Her Reactions

Even if the other person says no, be bold enough to take it with sportive spirit. Don't take it too personally. There is nothing wrong in being rejected. If she or he says yes then you will obviously be happy.


What To Do Next?

Think about the future. If the answer is yes, then you need to plan your future together. If the answer is no, maybe you may have to get used to lonely days as the other person may start avoiding you.


Move On

Realise that you have no control over what others feel about you and digest that fact that only few people can accept us; others may reject us and there is nothing wrong in being rejected.

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