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Things That Hurt Your Indian Husband

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The moment you step into a marriage, as a wife you have to endow your partner with love, tender care and a lot of pampering!

Indian men love to be pampered by their lovable wives and if they are not, well ladies your in serious trouble! Indian men hate it when their women dominate them, in fact any man hates it. Indian men on the other hand, look fierce and strong but when it comes to emotional playing, they are nothing in front of a woman.


When a wife plays with her husbands emotions she sees a whole new side of life. He becomes more or less like a woman who is PMS-ing and mood swings are thrown all over the house, cause of the hurt.

So, ladies we would like to share with you some of the things that can hurt your Indian husband with the snap of your finger. Take a look at these simple yet powerful things that can crush your man!


When You Don't Cook For Him

The moment you step aside and don't cook for your husband, he becomes emotionally stressed out. They say - the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so listen ladies, feed him to his heart's content.


Not Respecting His Mama!

Not respecting his mama is one of the things you should never do to your man and his family. No matter how bad she is,. always make it a point to treat her right!


Taking Away His Space

Never take away his space. Every man whether he is Indian or not needs his space to freak out and be alone. So, if you take away his space, he will get hurt.


The Workaholic Woman

We all love our work. But, there comes a time when you need to draw a line, ladies. Spending too much of time at work will only hurt your man.


Spending Time With YOUR Mother

Spending too much of time with your mother too can hurt an Indian husband. Though it may seem a little funny, it is one of the major things he secretly dislikes!


When He Can't Become A Dad

Every Indian man wants a family of his own when he is wed. If he learns that you are unable to bear him children, this can kill him to pieces. But, in order to survive in the marriage, it is best you try out other methods to make your family complete.


When You Dominate Him!

The moment you dominate your man, he will not appreciate it. Every man hates his woman to dominate over him, it kills his ego!

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