Benefits Of Marrying A Divorced Person

By: Sneha A
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They say that marriages are made in heaven but is that all? Nope! There is a lot more to it. It is only after the red ribbons and the flowers of the marriage ceremony have been shrugged off that the reality of married life starts to dawn up on the couples. Sadly, the truth is far from what had been shown to us on the big screen or in the novels. Marriage demands so many compromises and sacrifices to be made. Also, one has to have the patience for accepting the ideas of the other person even when they don't match one’s own thoughts. Sometimes, it works out and sometimes it does not and when it doesn't, marriages end up as divorces.

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Does that mean divorced people are flawed? Obviously not. The real question is: Can a marriage last longer if you marry a divorced person?’ Well, there is a pretty good chance for that. In fact, many relationship experts suggest that marrying a divorced person may lead to a better married life than otherwise. They may carry the burden of their past relationship with them initially but with the passage of time, those weights reduce and may bring out a much realistic person with deeper commitment. This might not be the case with those who have never been into matrimony. Will you have a happy married life if you marry a divorced person? Now, there is no guarantee for that but you do stand a good chance and here are the reasons why:

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1. They Are Experienced

Someone who has been married once knows how to work things out. They have lived a married life before and know how much cooperation is required. They appreciate the small things in life and can help you to manage it all as well.


2. They Value Relationships And Commitments

Divorced people are not afraid of commitments and know how gratifying it is to have someone who loves you in true sense. They may also have kids and thus are more capable of being an anchor for a family.


3. They Know What’s Not To Be Done

Their previous experiences have got them to understand the do's and the don'ts of a marriage. They value the independence of their partner and will take every possible step to nurture a strong, loving relationship for a lifetime.


4. They Understand The Importance Of Communication

Unlike those who have never tied a knot, a divorced person knows that proper communication is the key to a healthy relationship. They are absolutely clear about what they need and are respectable towards the needs of their partners as well.


5. No Unreasonable Expectations

They do not live in a fantasy world anymore and understand that sustenance of marriage is bound by some factors. Over-expectations tend to murder even the healthiest of relationships and they know how to tone them down.


6. A Lot More Sensitive

Divorced people are more attentive and sensitive towards their partners' needs. Their past experiences have taught them how to be more co-operative.


7. Financial Independence

Divorcees generally tend to have a stable job and home. They are independent. This is surely an advantage.

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Story first published: Sunday, November 8, 2015, 17:01 [IST]
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