What Women Say And Think Of?

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Men are tired of thinking of what women say and think of. There is a very popular saying that even God cannot understand women. Then how do you expect the poor men to do it. There are many men who complain that they really cannot understand their wives. Here is an easy way out to handle women. We have a list of things with double meaning. When your wife says these, here is what you should really understand. By knowing these all you will be able to handle your wife in a better way.

What Women Say?

Nothing Has Happened- You are in real trouble or something is terribly wrong when your wife says this. Many a times you must have noticed her to be upset. And when you ask the reason and she says that nothing has happened. In this case you have to understand that there is definitely something which she cannot say you right now. That is why it is really tough to handle women as they say something, but mean something else.

I Love Your family Members- Well, initially all women say this to make a nice impression in the eyes of their partner. But then the reality comes up with time. It becomes really difficult for a man to understand and handle a woman when on face they say so many good things but cultivate some other feelings within.

You Are Perfect- This means that you may be perfect with some changes being made. So, never misjudge these words of your wife. It will be tough for you to handle a woman if you take these words to be true. So, get ready for a change every time your wife says this.

I Hate You- There are not always bad interpretations of what a woman says. You have to understand your wife first before trying to make out what they are saying. In the midst of a quarrel whenever she says this, it mean that she loves you a lot.

It's Okay- You say sorry after a quarrel and if these be the first words to come out of the mouth of your woman then that means, nothing is really okay. You need to put on more efforts to console your wife. And remember the first thing that you have to do to handle a woman is to keep her contended.

I Don't Need This- Man you really need to be careful when these words pop out from your woman's mouth. To handle her you need to fulfil her every wish. And there is no point in hating women just because you have to spend a lot to make them happy. You have to stay with them no matter what.

There is no use in getting frustrated and hating women. Handle your wife by knowing the hidden meaning of their words and dealing accordingly.

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