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Are You Too Young For Marriage?

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Most of us, ask ourselves a variety of questions before marriage. For example, 'Is he Mr. Right?' 'Is she a marriage material'? 'Can I afford a marriage'? 'Will our parents agree to the match'? But, we forget to ask ourselves the most important question of all; 'am I too young for marriage'? Age is a subjective issue. For a particular community, marrying in your early thirties might also be early marriage while some still marry before they turn twenty!

So, do not judge yourself by standards set by others. It is only you who can decide whether you are too young for marriage or not. If young couples can answer the following questions correctly, then they might prevent some rash decisions leading to an early marriage.

Too Young For Marriage

Are You Too Young For Marriage?

1. Have you lived your bachelorhood?

First of all, this question includes both men and women. Secondly, your actual age is no factor to decide whether you have actually 'lived' your bachelor days or not. You might be 40 and still feel that you are yet to see everything that a bachelor should. You might feel that until you have been to the clubs and casinos in Las Vegas, your bachelorhood is incomplete. It is a totally personal choice!

2. Are you changing as a person?

Most of us cannot recognise ourselves the way we were in college. As we grow, our personalities change. When young couples get married, they do not take this future change into account. You have to realise that what you are now at 21 is not what you are going to be all your life. Nobody knows exactly how you will change so, you are the best judge yourself.

3. Do you still need mommy?

If you are one of those people who still don't wash their own underwear, then you are certainly too young for marriage. It doesn't matter how old you are in real life, but if you are not independent both mentally and physically, then you should not get married. If you are used to being cleaned, fed and put to bed by your mother, then do not expect the same services from your spouse.

4. Do you perceive marriage as an end?

If you think that marriage is an end to all the good things in your life, then you are probably too young and immature to get married. Marriage is a beginning of a mature relationship. You need loads of maturity to work on a marriage and sutain it.

5. Do you see it as a 'wedding' or a 'marriage'?

Most young couples are excited at the prospect of the goodies that a wedding brings. The limitless shopping, dressing up to your best and all the good food is definitely exciting. But, look beyond it. The real mature relationship lies beyond the wedding day extravaganza. Are you prepared for that too?

It is only you who can decide whether you are too young for a marriage or not. So, be fair to yourself because that is the best you can do.

Story first published: Monday, July 2, 2012, 17:35 [IST]
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