How To Handle A Snoring Partner?

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Snoring Partner
Does your partner snore and disturb your all night? Well there are many unlucky people like you who have suffered from headaches due to lack of sleep and found solace through our funny yet interesting ideas. Take a look for more.

He may be nice, he may be rich but snoring is a serious nuisance for those who cannot sleep with the loud noise. Sleep deprivation will lead stressful mind that can act negative and lead many problems in career as well as personal life.

Snoring can also cause damage to the couple's physical relationship. Many partner complain that they get turned off when they listen to snore. The possibility of the couples getting into mood is also less as they avoid sleeping next to each other. This can gradually bring separation between couples leading to a divorce.

Handling & Preventing Snoring Partner – Saving Relationship

1. One of the best ways to handle a snoring partner would be by poking, prodding or kicking him. You can even try changing his sleep position.

2. It is also better if you make him have his dinner early and if he used to drinking milk in the night, prevent it right away. Cream and other fat present in milk gets converted to phlegm which clogs the nostril and cause the disturbing noise.

3. Also, make him understand that it is an annoying habit and request to follow the preventive measures strictly. Sarcasm and arguments cannot solve the problem. Don't embarrass him as it is not a big offense.

4. Advice him to get rid of his smoking and other bad habits that actually cause the problem. Encourage him to sleep on his back to prevent the disturbing sound.

With love make him understand that his habits aren't healthy and has led to snoring which is upsetting your life too. He will surely understand and follow the tips. Use of nasal strips will reasonably control the intensity.

Story first published: Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 16:49 [IST]
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