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Make Your Man A Shopping Buddy

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If you ask any average woman, she would say that she just hates shopping with any man. Usually a man and shopping are not very compatible. Men ask to many questions, grasp at the cost of everything and get irritated by delay! How can women go shopping with men who behave like this? However, if you are a married woman, then making your husband your shopping buddy comes with certain advantages.

All couples have problems shopping together. But you must overcome them to shop together. Here are some of advantages of shopping with your man.

Shopping Buddy

He swipes the card: It is not chivalrous for a man to stand by when his wife pays for her errands. And trust me, all men know that. They think it is indecent for women to dig into their purse and fetch money when a man is accompanying. Although it is a chauvinistic and redundant idea, you can always take advantage of it.

Get to know his tastes: Only when you shop with your guy will you know what he likes. He may not buy anything because he is under pressure of getting your shopping done. But you must observe what he looks at. The next time you buy him a gift, it should be something that he really wanted.

Training him for the future: While you shop, you are actually training him to shop for you. When your man comes shopping with you, make sure that you let him know what you like. Men find it very difficult to understand what women really want. So ensure that you make it crystal clear to him. Every time you like something, point it out to him because he may not notice it otherwise.

He'll carry your bag: Just like its the man's duty to pay for his wife, it is also his duty to carry his lady's bags. Usually you are too tired to carry your bags after the ordeal of shopping is over. If your man has come shopping with you, he can always carry the bags while you relax!

Show off your expertise: When comes to shopping in budget, women have natural knack. They get to know about all the affordable places to shop through their friends. You need to show your man that you are not a high maintenance wife; you know all the right places to shop. Even if he doesn't show it outwardly, he will appreciate your knack for shopping. The next time he needs something he will consult you.

Couples can solve problems they have with each other by shopping together. Trust me, its therapeutic. So go shopping with your man and build a healthy marriage together.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 26, 2012, 17:41 [IST]
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