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5 Signs To Spot New Married Couples

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It is hard for newly marrieds to hide their overwhelming marital bliss. Marriages begin on a very happy note. The couple is all doe eyed in love and everything is perfect. Marriage problems, disagreements and bitterness have not yet touched the relationship. This pure and nascent 'glow' of newly married couples are easy to spot. Here are the 5 signs by which you can identify a newly married couple.

5 Signs To Spot Newly Marrieds:

Newly Married Couple

1. Clicking Away To Glory: A newly married couple wants to record every moment of their newly married life. You will notice them clicking pictures of themselves in front of malls, foot paths and even with stray dogs!

2. The Secret Smile: When a couple is newly married, they are in awe of each other. They think that they have just worked a miracle by fighting destiny and finding each other. They give each other this secretive 'married' look. They are close and have a shared secret. This is the first step to developing a mutual understanding and helps us to spot a newly married couple.

3. Sharing Food: You will never see couples who have been married for a decade having pleasure in sharing an ice cream. Newly married share food or eat from the same plate with jest. This oneness is so new to them that they can hardly control it from bursting out in every way.

4. Holding Hands: You will see even old couples like grandparents hold hands. But the way a honeymoon couple holds hands is different. The new bride will hold her beau's hands with a sense of utmost dependence and security. The groom on the other hand becomes all protective and chivalrous.

5. Signs Of Marriage: Certain kinds of jewellery signify marriage in different culture. The wedding ring for example is the most obvious sign of marriage. You will only see a newly married couple showing off their wedding bands. It is so novel and special that they cannot help but show off! Likewise in India, you will see broad lines of vermillion drawn in parting of the new brides hair. Although it seems like a fashion disaster for some, but the bride seems to cherish this newly married look!

If you have noticed any other thing that indicates that a couple is newly and happily married, then do add to our list.

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Story first published: Monday, April 23, 2012, 15:47 [IST]
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